Summer Essentials


Today I'm sharing my top summer picks! These are the things that I rely on to help summers be full of affordable, safe fun with my 4 kiddos (and often, playdates!) #affiliate
Summers with 4 kids at times can be challenging, so I like to have as many tricks up my sleeve as possible! I present to tricks (and some things that I just get asked about a lot!): 

1. Bike Seat: Over the weekend, I got a TON of questions about which bike carrier still works for Addison. She is on her LAST year of this still working for her, but as she is quite small for her age, it is still a go! 

2. Slip N Slide: We have the perfect sloped hill for this...and we always use an extra hose and know that this won't make it to a second season...BUT this provides hours and hours of fun for the kiddos. Some summer nights I spread it thick with soap and count this as bathtime. (-; This is worth it. 

3. Reusable Plastic Tablecloth: Last summer on our bike rides, I LOVED packing picnic dinners to feed the crew either on or after the ride. I equally LOVED having a lined, plastic tablecloth to slap down on the picnic table to immediately provide a clean surface to feed my crew! 

4. Chariot Double Bike Trailer: Someone gifted an older version of this to us years ago, and it has been a lifesaver! Lots of fun adventures have been made possible because of this! 

5. Ball-pit Balls for the pool: We throw these into their plastic kiddo pool! Think it's fun with just water? Add in these play plastic balls and the fun triples. This has been a favorite on our hosted playdates as well as just with my kids. 

6. Metal Water bottle: This fits perfectly in my bike holder and I love reusing this instead of getting into the plastic water bottle game. The kids are also easily able to navigate this bottle by themselves. Win! 

7. Keen Sandals: Every year I invest in one pair of these per child. These are the ONLY sandals I have known to last season after season as I pass them down through the children and not be destroyed or look gross. (and my kids are HARD on sandals.) These are an investment but they LAST like nothing else! Also, they are great for getting wet...or acting like tennis shoes on a hot day...they can do it all. 

8. Puddle Jumper: It is not possible for us to go to the pool or beach without one of these for each child who cannot swim. These are literally a lifesaver. 

9. Picnic Basket: I can't even tell you how many picnics I packed last summer for bike rides. My favorite was where I took grilled chicken and a basket full of salad ingredients and a sheet cake....and a watermelon. (-; I think we ate better on that bike trail than we would have eaten at home. Cute, functional picnic baskets make all the difference!

So what are some of your summer must haves?