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Hi! My name is Deanna. Thanks for stopping by my blog pages!

My husband Aaron and I have 5 kids. (baby #5 is due in April!) Yes, we know how babies “happen”. And yes, we might be the tiniest bit crazy.

But to be honest, we love our babies, and we love our family. Big family life is our jam. We are grateful for the opportunity to do life with our 5 blessings!

Here on the blog I write about parenting (often special needs parenting), faith, recipes (because they expect to eat EVERY DAY), hunting down a good deal, and everything and nothing in-between.

This blog started as a way to sort through not only becoming a first time mom at 25, but becoming a first time mom to a baby with Down syndrome.

Now it’s evolved into a bit of circus parenting. The blog material practically writes itself. Well, that, and my children’s future therapy sessions. (-;

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Everything and Nothing from Essex!