Friday, January 22, 2016

Kitchen Reno Insanity

If you want to find out how tough and flexible you are....tear your house apart for a giant renovation with a 5 week baby clock tick tick ticking away and 3 very small children underfoot. I used to think I could handle ANYTHING. Now...I know better.

The other day after a ginormous meltdown over the MESS and the LACK OF QUICK PROGRESS and the INABILITY TO NEST...don't you know that pregnant women are SUPPOSED TO NEST? with my sweet and ever patient husband, I ended the conversation with, "Ok, well, I know that was rough, but the party line is going to be that I did AWESOME with this renovation. Are we on the same page?"

And then he almost died laughing. (Note to self- check and update all of his life insurance policies because I'm pretty sure this won't be the last time we have this conversation.)

All that to say- those of you who have been following my pictures and updates on IG, yes we are insane. I am sorry if you are tired of these silly kitchen updates. For the record, I am too. I am ready for my house to be put back together so that I sit back and get ready for our new baby! (and yes- the countdown is 5 weeks NOT 30 seconds like all of you so very gracious strangers who are supremely surprised that I'm not due yesterday. Yes I have a large belly. THERE IS SOMETHING GROWING IN THERE...or so I'm told.)

Anyhoo...where was I. Oh yes. I have been using my Living Room as my temporary kitchen and posting updates #DinnerfromtheLRkitchen. No, I am not a food blogger. No, I don't pretend to be. I just like to use this challenge as a way to keep my mind off of NOT HAVING A KITCHEN (oh wait, did I mention that already?) And yes, my posts are dorky. Don't even care. But I was just laughing as I had to move my temporary kitchen into my bedroom to put together a pudding brownie in the crockpot since the Living Room is full of boxes right now. (AND I NEEDED BROWNIES. Sorry. The CAPS key got stuck there for a second.)

You may ask- why? Oh WHY did you do this to yourself? It's a super long story- one which I briefly touched on in a past post. Bottom line is, we are getting the house ready to sell. It needed some serious updates, and I didn't want to have to do any of them after the baby came. Enter: Insanity While Still Large And Pregnant (I would say Large and In Charge...but I lost my title Lady Supervisor on the very first day when my request to run a sledge hammer to help tear down a wall was DENIED. So yeah, apparently I am not in charge. Just large.)

Do you ever stop and wonder- how did I get here? What has my life become? And then most importantly- Are we sure one batch of crockpot brownies will be enough????

When people stop me and ask, "Not much longer now!" My first response is to say, "YES! Just one more week until floors are installed and then the kitchen will be pretty useable not long after that!" And they're all like...."Oh. Kitchen? I was talking about your baby"-pointing at my very large belly. "Baby? Oh right. Yes, I totally didn't forget that I was having a baby because that would be ridiculous. Of course you meant the baby!"

So yeah. My life right now is pretty crazy. If you are waiting for a message or email back from me, I am getting to it I promise! I am unforgivably behind right now. 

The comedian Jim Gaffigan says something along the lines of, "What's it like having 4 kids? It's like you're drowning...and someone hands you a baby."

Pretty sure I've got the "drowning" part covered. Nice to know that we are right on track.

I will try to do a post soon(ish) with a picture update from where our kitchen was to where it hopefully will be in a week(ish). It has undergone quite the transformation. Super excited to see such a gorgeous kitchen take shape (and not at ALL jealous that it is to sell the house...not for me to enjoy the past 7 years...OK may like 50 percent excited and 50 percent jealous. Actually...probably 10/90)

But I wanted to stop in for an update. Especially if you were checking my IG, scratching your head, and giving up on me completely because you were SO CONFUSED. I get it. And I'm sorry. Well, not horribly sorry because you aren't the one using a step stool in your bedroom as your entire kitchen. Moderately sorry.

And I'm hoping we survive this insanity so that we can come through the other side of it all, look back, and start using the party line, "Renovation while 35 weeks pregnant? Oh yes, Deanna did AWESOME!" (I am preparing laminated note cards for hubs.)

Here's to making it through. One batch of crockpot brownies at a time.

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