Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Knocking Down The Walls Of Blogging Silence

Well hello there, blog. I do believe this is the longest we have ever been apart. Why oh why have I abandoned such a dear and close friend? Well, you know. Just sitting on the couch eating bon bons and watching soap operas...too lazy to walk over to the computer. Obviously.

Okay truth be told, we are working on the craziest project we have ever attempted.

To back up just a touch, I am pregnant with our fourth child. YAY!!! Oh wait, I forgot I told you that already. Hitting 29 weeks this week, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that this isn't news...considering my waddling is shaking the entire state of Vermont these days.

As this is our fourth child and children take up a lot of room (who knew????) we have been outgrowing our little first home for quite some time now. We had been debating doing a big renovation and adding onto it to make just a wee bit more space, but for one big reason we have decided instead to move.

Anyone remember the horrible tale I told about a year ago of how Addison escaped the house out into a super busy road and hiked up it in her adorable yellow shirt that thankfully saved her life? We still live next to that busy road. 8 out of 10 times she is awesome with it (and the boys have never had a problem obeying our very strict rules about the road/driveway), but Addison has no concept whatsoever of danger and those 2 times out of 10 as she dashes for the road, life gets very stressful. Adding another baby will decrease our ability that much more to chase her away from the busy road, so we believe that in the interest of keeping her safe, we need to sell our house and move to more of a neighborhood situation. She isn't growing completely out of this bolting phase, and I don't want to wait for another escape to push us into action.

That brings us to the crazy project. In order to sell our home, we have to redo the kitchen. We have wanted to do this project for 7 years, and consulting with all the right people has confirmed what we already knew that yes, this project is necessary in order to sell.

This project includes tearing down 2 walls, gutting the entire room, and putting in a brand new kitchen. Super easy, right?

(insert crazed laughter)

So to sum up, while 8 months pregnant with our fourth child (this project begins January 1st), we are reducing our living space to half of our house and welcoming in contractors to tear apart our little nest while we figure out the most creative uses of a panini maker and electric skillet to continue on with life without a kitchen. Fingers crossed we are looking at only 3-4 weeks of this madness. By the time February hits we should be all done and on official baby watch. As I am due the very end of the month (the 27th)...fingers crossed that these two projects do not overlap at all.

Over the last month as we received finalized numbers from the contractor, I have been a busy little bee lining up the details of this crazy project. Cabinets are ordered, countertops are almost ordered, and flooring is to be finalized by the end of this week. Naturally, this means that all 3 kids have come down with a stomach bug because LIFE WAS BORING and they needed to shake it up.

On top of the kitchen project, there is a list a million items long of random things that need to be done in order to list our house by May. (Yes, you calculated correctly. Baby Girl will be about 2 months old.)

Needless to say, my mind is in a constant state of EXPLODE. I am behind on all emails/facebook messages. (If this applies to you I am so, so sorry. I am working on getting caught up.) I am just not myself with this pregnancy to begin with. Add in a crazy project and many small details that need to be pulled together, and the version of Deanna that is currently present is one that should probably STAY AWAY FROM ALL PEOPLE.

I will say that through this planning, prepping, and praying as to whether this project is a GOOD or BAD idea...the Lord has very clearly directed us to this place. Step by step he has opened doors and allowed us to come to the point where we are confident that this is a GOOD idea...crazy though it may sound (and feel). Of course, once we get past the huge kitchen project...and the having another baby thing (I can't forget to do this one!)...we are then faced with the bigness of actually selling our house...buying another house...lining up this swapping process...and MOVING.


The adulting involved in all of this is a little overwhelming. I totally wish that I was just sitting on the couch eating bonbons and watching soap operas. Although at the same has been so much fun to plot and plan stuff like a new kitchen. I have seriously dreamed of doing this for 7 years. We'll see if I still use the word "fun" while knee deep in wall dust and trying to feed children in a dark corner of the living room while praying that was just another Braxton Hicks contraction. Ha.

But on a more serious note, I am so, so thankful. I am thankful for a low key, healthy pregnancy that has made this possible. I am thankful for all of the stars aligning for us to do this kitchen in order to sell. I am thankful for the extremely busy children that make this small space seem even tighter. I am thankful for a husband who is not a stranger to big projects and who has the ability to do a lot of the prep work himself. I am thankful for the very active kicks of Baby Sister who wants to keep reminding me that SHE IS COMING SOON(ish). I am thankful for the many years of love that this house has seen us through.

This whole kitchen thing has been such a God thing, I can't wait to see him continue to guide us all the way into our new little house...hopefully on a dead end somewhere. (Deep breath. Repeat that to self. Another deep breath.)

I will post progress pics on Instagram. I am usually much better about updating there than about anywhere else. (User: eanfe).

Meanwhile, we would appreciate smooth construction thoughts sent our way...prayers for everything to go as planned(ish)...and toaster oven recipes!

Thanks for sticking around even during my long silences. I promise we are still here....mostly.

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