Thursday, October 1, 2015

Motherhood Unexpected FREE TODAY

If you follow me on fb or Instagram, chances are you already have seen this. But on the off chance you only look here, I wanted to post this here as well. (-; (Feel free to ignore if you've already seen this!)

Today, October 1st, marks not only the the start of my favorite Vermont month, but also Down syndrome awareness month.

To kick off the celebration, my book Motherhood Unexpected is FREE today ONLY.
Today is a great day to read it if you haven't already had the chance OR to share it with someone you think might enjoy it. You can't beat free. Plus, you are helping spread the awareness and message that this blog was built on. So spread the word! Let's help change the way the world looks at a Down syndrome diagnosis. And thank you. Thank you for sharing and reading but also for loving Addison and for opening your mind to our little world here on the blog. We very much love and appreciate you.

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