Saturday, July 11, 2015

She Lost Her First Tooth And I Missed It

You would think that with the huge number of hours I spend with my children that I would undoubtedly be around for every single milestone. You would be wrong.

This week after a long week that included many days of solo parenting, this morning I had a bit of a break. Daddy took the older two to run errands, Papa took Eli.

FREEDOM! Which for me mostly means sitting in a quiet house and not moving for fear the spell will be broken before I find some small hold once more on sanity.

After they all returned to the nest, I fed them lunch, got them down for naps and then headed off to a friend's baby shower. I do love the days when I am busy with other things than mothering. It makes me appreciate the mothering busyness so much more when I return to it.

After a few hours break, I bounced back into the house, refreshed from the time out with friends at a beautiful shower. I of course assumed that my charges did little but sleep while I was gone, but then I heard the dreaded words come out of my husband's mouth.

"I don't know when it happened, but it looks like Addison lost her first tooth."

My smile disappeared. Shock and horror took its place (as is perfectly normal for a mother in my dire situation).

My first baby lost her first tooth and I MISSED IT?????

Gulping back sobs (I reserve the right to exaggerate to fully portray the depth of my emotion on this matter), I asked for details. Please. I'm pretty sure I gasped out a please.

And here is the worst part. THERE WERE NO DETAILS. Aaron had absolutely no idea when she lost it or where the tooth even was. But sure enough, there was Addison, proudly playing with her new gap in her mouth with her tongue.

This just wouldn't do. It wouldn't do at all.

Armed with my Sherlock hat and magnifying glass (ok still right to exaggerate), I set off to find the details...and the tooth. It had to be somewhere, right?

First I checked her bed. No blood or tooth to be seen. (However there was a smear of chocolate on her pillow. I had more important matters to attend to so I figured I could discuss this with her at a later time.)

Slowly trailing through the hallway...nothing. I remembered how tiny her teeth are and was starting to get discouraged.

Wailing and sobbing and clutching my Sherlock hat, I heard Aaron say something about taking the marshmallows away from her.  Running to the kitchen, I continued my investigation. Just that morning I had picked up some marshmallows for a cookout we were doing that evening. I NEVER buy them normally because I know that Addison's radar is just that good and she WILL find them.

I stood still and stared where they were placed high out of reach on top of the fridge. I slowly pulled the bag down. Sure enough...on the corner of the plastic bag was a small smear of blood. I looked down onto the floor directly in front of the fridge...and there was the tiniest little Addison tooth.

After my careful investigation, one thing became clear: Addison lost her first tooth while attempting to open a stolen bag of marshmallows. That is just so classic Addison it made me laugh. What a girl.

So I missed the event...but I have come to peace with this. And sweet Addison was able to soothe her own throbbing gums with several perfectly cooked smores at the cookout tonight with Papa and Grandma.

I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing they tasted a lot better than the plastic bag.

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