Monday, May 11, 2015

Addison's "Juice" Recipe

Several people asked me after my last post what this mysterious "juice" recipe is that my kids currently go bananas about. (Spoiler: there are no bananas in this juice)

Being the kind person...okay fine...over-sharer that I am, I am giving you the recipe here. I realize this isn't a recipe blog, but I claim "everything and nothing" as my wiggle room on this. Also, I spend a lot of time preparing food for my family, and it feels like a crime if that can't occasionally spill over into this space. So here goes.

The "juice". This is a not-so-sneaky way to balance out my children's diet.
I start off with
1 avocado
A handful of kale 
8 strawberries
A handful of raspberries (anywhere from 1/2 cup to a full cup)
1 cup of frozen blueberries (I used the Costco mix for this which snuck a few blackberries in as well) It's important that they be frozen as this is the "ice cube" to the smoothie
I then add several large spoonfuls of Cabot Greek yogurt (their favorite is either strawberry or vanilla bean)
and top with a sprinkling of Chia Seeds

When I first started to make this for them, I added a TON of yogurt, very few kale leaves, and added some extra honey for more sweetening.  I have weaned that down to more kale and less yogurt with no extra honey. They still love it (knock on wood). The more yogurt you add, the sweeter it is. 

Once that is all in place, I fill up all of the cracks with Almond Milk. We go back and forth between unsweetened and the one sweetened with honey. (I ran out of Almond Milk this weekend as we have been making this so much and had to do the last little bit with whole milk for this round of "juice". I could definitely taste the difference. Oh well...)
and blend
The kids beg for "juice" every day for lunch. And sometimes the leftovers are my entire lunch that day. Fine by me!
I'm posting this pic again because I think the colors are soooo pretty! (Admittedly...I spend FAR too much time staring at food in the kitchen...ha)

I started off making this with the avocado, almond milk, and whatever other fruits we had in the house. The kids soon made it clear that it tasted SO MUCH BETTER when strawberries were involved. (-;

So there you go. "Juice"

Yeah...I definitely need a better name for this....

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