Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cold, Snowy Weekend Ahead?

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In spite of her many flaws, she never thought she would be the type of person to commit murder, and yet right now it was the only thing that she could think about.

Stepping slowly into the room, she stopped for a moment in the doorway, holding out a trembling arm to steady herself against a tall dresser. Closing her eyes, she could feel the smooth but slightly sticky bumps of duct tape and remembered the weekend her sister insisted that they all help wrap the entire surface of this dresser in hot pink duct tape, changing it from a dull brown to a pink that could be seen from outer space. “Why don’t you just paint it?” they all asked. But sister refused to change her mind, pushing the project stubbornly forward no matter the opinions from the people that she referred to as “the peanut gallery”.

She could hear the whirling of the ceiling fan adding its voice to the almost silent air conditioner, attempting to ward off the intense heat that she had been almost oblivious to this week. All winter long she looked forward to this heat. She longed for the days that her body would immediately bead up with sweat just going from the car into the house. She lived for the long days, the bright sunshine, the picnics, the beach trips. The sticky, don’t-turn-on-the-oven, blasting heat of July seemed to take forever to get here this year. She had been counting down, and for a while there between March and April she could have sworn that time stood still. It’s as if nature knew what would be coming her way and wanted to delay the inevitable as long as possible. If only she had known, she would have thanked that blessed clock for its speed of mercy.

A crack of thunder interrupted her musings and the pattering of the rain on the roof picked up speed. Even the storm wasn’t breaking the muggy heat of today.

Forcing herself to keep going, she lifted her bare foot to take a heavy step forward, feeling almost as if there were duct tape on the floor as well, giving just enough resistance to make her question what she was about to do. Looking down at her feet, she saw another painful reminder. The room was dark, but the light filtering in from the hallway allowed her to see her brilliantly painted dark red toenails. 

Remembering her excitement at that pedicure appointment, she felt herself whispering, “Why, God why? Why are you doing this to me?”

A soft gray cat brushed against her leg, whining for attention. She ignored it.

Dragging one beautifully pedicured foot forward at a time, her body moved more slowly than she wanted it to due to this week’s events. She wanted to do this quickly— to get it over with, but just like everything else in her life right now, her legs refused to cooperate.

Only a few steps away now. She tried not to think about what she was about to do. Nestled in the blue pack ‘n play in front of her lay the baby. Up and down his tiny chest fell, no effort given to drawing each breath. His cheeks were flushed in sleep. Perfectly shaped eyes lined with long eyelashes were closed for now, but she knew all too well the look of intelligence this baby had thanks to the new album on Facebook proclaiming his arrival. His entire body, down to the little fingers balled up into tiny fists, was plump and strong— just like a baby should be.

She picked up the baby’s blue blanket carelessly thrown on the bed with the comforter that matched the hot pink duct taped dresser.

Staring at the almost unrecognizable arm holding the fleece blanket with satin edging, she felt the oddest sensation of floating out of her body to watch this all from above.

Aghast, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing let alone comprehend that she was capable of this. But it was happening, right before her eyes. A distraught woman stood weeping over the baby while moving his blanket. Moving it so slowly and yet deliberately. Moving it, over his head.

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