Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Eating I Mean Making Chocolate Cake With Addison

 A number of people have mentioned to me that after they finished my book, Motherhood Unexpected, they wanted to eat chocolate cake in the worst way. Now I'm not going to give anything away...but chocolate cake does find its way into the last few chapters in a rather memorable fashion. Chocolate cake made by Mother and daughter.

Knowing this, my PR rep told me I should do a blog post photo op of Addison and I making chocolate cake together. Genius! I could already picture it! It reminded me of my favorite part of my book, it was an activity for me to do with Addison, aaaand CHOCOLATE! Need I say more?

I pictured a Pioneer Woman type of spread. Luscious chocolate cake with swirls of rich frosting lopping over the sides-- mixed with love and frosted by tiny Addison hands working diligently alongside me. In my mind this blog post was going to be Pinterest perfection. I would post my favorite recipe and inspire millions! Okay...a few dozen. But whatever. (This Pioneer Woman fantasy might have taken things a bit too far.)

And to be fair-- things started beautifully. Here is my little helper all dolled up in her new apron from Grandma along with some of her kitchen tools that she got for Christmas.
But before I knew Pinterest photo shoot turned into this:
Obviously you're going to want to run and Pin this as soon as possible. I'll wait.

Oh...back so soon?

So where did my dream post go wrong?

The mixing of the cake went fine. No issues there.
 My helper stood and helped so patiently (Side note: Yes, I do realize now that the Pioneer Woman no doubt CLEANS her kitchen before her photo shoots. This post was truly doomed from the start.)
 She even stole a few licks of the beater-- like a pro!
 Such a big helper!
Waiting with her oven mitts for the timer to ring. (I was pretending to have long flowing red hair...and a few dozen ranch hands to feed for dinner)

 It was when we began frosting that my fantasy quickly went from Pioneer Woman to "will we all make it out of this experience alive?"

I will let these next 3 pictures speak for themselves...
So there you have it.

Warm, fuzzy feelings

Mother/daughter chocolate cake making. 

Go read my book. Go eat chocolate cake (I would suggest using a fork...)

I'm sure this post was EXACTLY the vibe my PR rep was going for....of course...

To read more about Motherhood Unexpected around the web:

Thank you so much to all of you who have already bought/read it! I am so grateful for all of you! For those who are already tired of hearing about it...I spent soooooo many hours on this labor of love that I have to speak about it longer than 30 seconds. HAVE TO. I hope you can forgive me...eventually. 

Meanwhile...I have a rather substantial cake mess to go clean up. I kept calling for my ranch hands, but no one came. Weird!

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