Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's Down syndrome awareness month!!!!

It's October!

Around here this means such glorious fall foliage that it makes me want to sit in front of a wood stove while wearing flannel, chugging straight maple syrup, looking up apple and pumpkin recipes on my phone, while resisting the urge to turn on Christmas music. Oh- and take cute pictures of my kids frolicking n leaves. This is a must.
But over the last 5 years, October has gained even more meaning around here. October is Down syndrome awareness month.

If you look through my past archives, you will no doubt notice a strange pattern. I used to post about Down syndrome a LOT. like a lot a lot. But as time has moved on, this has changed to me posting as more as a mommy blog with 3 kids close in age.

Probably because for me Down syndrome at first looked like this:
and now it looks more like this:
(this picture was snapped yesterday…while we were frolicking in the leaves.)

To me it makes perfect sense that I no longer feel the need to post a ton about Down syndrome. It's just not something that we think a lot about during our day-to-day.

But it is October awareness month. And in celebration, I will try to pull myself away from the flannel-wearing-apple-pie-making stuff and post some more about Down syndrome and what it means to us now. And also post maybe a bit more about our life now and how Down syndrome impacts our family dynamic.

I don't know if you have noticed, but my posting as gone waaaay down over the past few months. This is because I have been working diligently on a much bigger project regarding Down syndrome awareness that I can't talk about yet. Hopefully soon. (I know, I am such a tease.) But I say that to promise you- you will see more of me around this month. It's Down syndrome awareness month- after all.

Oh yeah, remember the days when I used to post every single day of the month for awareness? (Picture me rolling on the floor laughing hysterically while clutching my flanneled sides.) Yeah, that is so not happening this year.

BUT, I do have several very special posts planned for you. Stay tuned. Come celebrate with us.
To kick off the celebration: here is my post that Huffington Post picked up last week (in case you haven't already seen this): I Won't Let My Daughter Be Defined By A 'List'

Happy Down syndrome awareness month!

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