Thursday, September 4, 2014

Feeling Buried

I have been quiet on here. This I know. But the truth is, I have felt a bit buried by life this week. By the time the pieces of each day were swept up, there was nothing left to give to the blog. So I posted some pics, a few statuses (is it stati if plural?) and scraped through the week with as much grace as I could muster (spoiler: not much).

What happened this week? A few things that have combined to create the perfect storm in my little world. 

A week ago, I got a call that Aaron was in the Emergency Room. The words scared me to death, and when he sheepishly told me he thought he had broken his foot as it got crushed between two machines, I panicked. Rushing the kids down to the ER with his insurance card and moral support, I was relieved to arrive and see him being discharged. A bruised foot. NOT broken. But since he was supposed to take it easy and keep the bruised foot elevated above his heart for over a week (he went back to work the next day)- every moment he is home, not only do I not get my usual back up and help- I have had 4 very needy children to care for.

The second thing that happened is that Addison went back to school. She LOVES school, and I am more than happy to schlep her to and from. But one problem- her new Tues, Th afternoons majorly interfere with the boys' nap time. By the time we get home for late naps after dropping her off, they finally fall asleep just in time for me to wake them to go get Addison. This means naps have been minimal all week because sleep breeds sleep and as soon as one nap gets skipped, they all somehow disappear. So constant dressing of 3 kids and running to and from school with no naps and no help…this week of adjusting has been super duper fun.

The third thing that happened is that Carter turned 3. Now, I don't know if this is the result of the other two things listed (see above) or if this is a HORRIBLE THREES thing, but he has decided to start pushing every.single.boundary. Where did the sweet boy from two weeks ago go who just conquered the terrible twos??? Fighting constant battles with him has made me question every part of motherhood in the most desperate of ways.

Also- potty training times two has increased in intensity. Carter has had very few accidents but needs lots of reminders still. Last Friday he came to me and said "Mommy, I pee pee on the kitchen floor." "Oh?" I asked. "Yes." he said,  "but it's okay. I took my underwear off first. It's still dry." Clearly, mission accomplished. But- he gets it. This makes me happy. Addison is doing awesome staying dry at school and mostly at home. She still has more accidents than Carter. Overall- we are doing great with both of them. I have yet to attempt night training though. I want to do a post on potty training, but I am terrified that as soon as I do- they will immediately stop having any success at all. I swear they read this in all their free, non-torturing-mommy time. 

What else has happened this week? Oh yes,  Eli stopped sleeping. Like at all. (most likely related to the lack of a nap thing.)

Quick to join the party, on Monday Addison's sleep study came back with the result of Sleep Apnea, after which she has had several nights of not sleeping unless she was almost upright in our bed, pushed away from me only when the baby joined the party for frequent night feedings while Daddy slept on the couch with his foot elevated to the sky. As I tried to grab minutes of sleep between elbows in my face, nursing a wiggly little boy, and limited room left in bed for my actual body- night time this week has felt just like a relaxing spa experience. All that was missing really was two slices of fresh cucumbers for my eyes.

So yeah, this week.

This morning I woke up and felt a bit like a train had run over me. Ten minutes later I was typing this status onto Facebook:

3 Year Old For Sale: He is super cute and loves to share. For example, he just might wake up super early, sneak into the kitchen, locate a Costco bag of M&Ms, climb into his sister's room, and lovingly share the bag. Quietly and fairly they will share. They will share like no one has shared before. They could win awards for their beautiful, beautiful sharing. Sitting cross legged across from each other on her pink bed- sharing, sharing, sharing with the quiet camaraderie of mice plundering the pantry during the still of the night. Their party of evil is discovered only when a bleary eyed Mommy stumbles by to get a cup of coffee after a rough night with baby. #ohmyword#icannotdotoday #sugarmakeseverythingworse #seriouslyforsale

(note: the m&ms were locked in the kitchen pantry when I went to bed the night before.)

We somehow made it through today. Did Addison go to school? No. Did everyone take awesomely long naps? Oh yes. Daddy came home early due to his sore foot, and Eli and I picked up Chinese food for dinner. We used to get Chinese a ton before kids (BK), but we haven't gotten it in a long time until tonight due to a huge need for mommy not to cook. Addison and Carter LOVED it with the dippy sauces and the many choices and the great flavors. Carter looks at me with his gorgeous eyes, bats his super long eyelashes, and says "Mommy, I love dinner. Food's good."

Does he say that when I slave over super amazing homemade dinners the other six nights of the week? Um, no. But he was being sweet and kind, so I will take it.

And to be honest- to every single one of these points I have a matching "thanks". That Aaron's foot wasn't broken, that Addison has such an amazing school to go to, that Eli loves to snuggle with me all night long, that Carter is such a big boy and talking to me so much, that they left just a few m&ms left for me (-; …so yeah… 

Just dropping in to say that we are still here. And will be back to say something so much more inspirational soon…hopefully. But meanwhile, a short lil' post helps put the week into perspective for me. It always somehow does.

In conclusion to this very disjointed post, 4 pictures. Proof that we are still all alive. Although some of us are kicking more than others. 
Here's to keeping feet away from machinery, long nights of luxurious sleep, little boys who are sweet and kind, a drama free Friday, and a little girl who loves school. (-;

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