Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pinterest Picnic Fail

Yesterday we went for a total Pinteresty outdoor, scenic picnic…aaaaaand ended up instead with a rather epic Pinterest FAIL.

Of course- I know that Pinterest didn't invent picnics. I even know that I somehow miraculously KNEW about picnics before Pinterest came along (gasp). I rather just use that descriptor as an embodiment of success- "A Pinterest Moment" if you will.

The morning outing to Shelburne Farms started out so well.

We went on a Tractor wagon ride. Grandma and Miss Katie came along so that we would have a 1:1 ratio with the children. Success!
We chased chickens
 We took selfies with the sheep.
 We drove tractors
We touched super soft bunnies.
 We even posed in a field for some adorably cute sibling pictures.
Carter is clearly the cooperative one of this bunch (sigh)
 In fact, other than the extreme heat, the entire morning was perfection until we sat down to eat a picnic lunch. It was a simple, simple lunch. But I knew the kids would eat it. I smiled as I laid out our blanket. I grinned as I set Eli down on it. I may have two helpers and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to serve…but Pinterest- You ain't got nuthin on me! (or so I told myself)
 But then these chickens appeared out of nowhere. At first we were like. "Huh. Chickens. Cool!"
 Until they zeroed in on Addison's sandwich.
 I stared, mesmerized, snapping pictures as my brain tried to catch up with current events.
Grandma rescued Addison while I…super mom of the year…took pictures of my daughter's lunch being stolen out of her mouth by a chicken. Why did I keep taking pictures? Reflex. My phone was pointed toward her already. The moment was rather funny. My finger kept pressing the camera button without really asking my brain for permission.
"Goodbye, sandwich"
 No one was hurt. Addison seemed to recover quickly. Round 1 went to the chickens. Also- now that I think about it- all the rounds went to the chickens…and Addison's sandwich.
We found higher ground and Addison got a new sandwich.
My mouth was full of the bitter taste of Mommy Pinterest defeat.

(Pinterest pin jinky art

Eh…..we'll get it next time.

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