Monday, July 7, 2014

Our weekend- biking, eating, parading

 It's Monday morning. The house sits still as three sleeping children rest up from a busy weekend.
 It's been a LONG time since Daddy had Friday, Saturday, and Sunday completely off during such beautiful weather. We took full advantage.
 Daddy has been wanting to do some family biking for a while now, but I didn't feel comfortable including Eli in this until now. He is over seven months old and his head control and sitting independently skills are very good. We took a short test bike ride on Saturday over to Papa and Grandma's house, and then did a longer scenic ride on Sunday up on the Stowe bike path.
 The test bike ride taught me that even though Eli CAN sit up in the behind the bike seat- I just felt more comfortable with him in the trailer.
 I didn't want to put any undo strain on his neck, and even though it didn't seem to do so in the seat- my mind was convinced that it MIGHT AT ANY SECOND. So into the trailer he went with big brother Carter. He had a ton more support in the trailer and Mommy rested easier. The ride was gentle, smooth, and slow paced. Starting out easy. But we all had a great time.
 I kept imagining this same scene in five or so years. Would the boys be scooting around on their own bikes? Would Addison want to do this too? Will we be able to do long family bike rides with her low muscle tone? She's going to grow out of the bike trailer/seat eventually. Can we keep doing this long term?
 I don't know the answer to those questions, but as Aaron advised- I'm not going to borrow trouble for the future. Instead I'm going to enjoy these quickly snapped pictures from the many awesome moments that we collected as a family this weekend.
 I asked Aaron why we didn't do adventures like this before we had kids- just the two of us. It would have been so much easier!!! We figured out that starting the year we got married- I worked every single Saturday through grad school and then when we moved back to Vermont- he worked every single Saturday (and sometimes Sunday) up until a bit last summer. Only now are we to the point where we can take a weekend and go have some summer fun as a family. In a month we will celebrate our 8 year anniversary. It has taken us a while to get to this point- and I am so glad that it is finally here.
 We also spent time with the grands at the parade and Saturday night's dinner. A good weekend always includes lots of Papa time for this girl. (And of course, Grandma and Aunt KeKe time)

It's a rough life to be so completely adored.

 This little boy is such a good sport. He loved his first bike ride! 
 Wreathed in smiles- I think his favorite was sitting with Carter in the trailer. This boy adores his big brother….and looks ridiculously adorable in his teeny bike helmet (which we found at Walmart- for all of you who were asking where we found a helmet small enough for him)
 So to sum up- awesome weekend.
 The only problem being- the housework and laundry didn't do itself while we were off adventuring.
 This means that Monday has a full agenda of rather humdrum activities to pull us back together.
 Worth it.
Happy Monday to all of you! Hope that your weekend was relaxing and fun. Hard to believe how fast the summer is flying by.

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