Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wedding Weekend

Well we did it. We packed up two toddlers and a baby and traveled twenty hours straight in the car to Greenville South Carolina. 

After all, we had a flower girl and ring bearer to deliver.

(Carter, Addison, Cousin Lauren)
It was a whirlwind trip, mostly because landscapers don't have the luxury of making long weekends into week-long trips during the busy season. We left Wednesday after work (around 8:30 pm), arrived on Thursday a little before 4pm. Friday was rehearsal stuff, Saturday the wedding, and then Sunday we headed back, arriving home at 5am Monday morning.

(Grandma made the dresses)
 Yes, it was exhausting, but yes it was worth. Seeing family was amazing, and being there to support my sister on her big day was a privilege I'm so thankful we got to do.

(sisters and their girls)
 How did the kids do in the car? Better than I thought. Eli and Addison traveled the best. Carter was so excited, he refused to fall asleep during our nighttime driving. The night we left, he finally fell into an exhausted slumber around 3am. His body was shaking with excitement as we loaded up. He was running around shouting "Trip! Trip!" since that thing we had been talking about all week was finally here.
 The clothing system in the ziploc bags worked beautifully. I honestly felt like my mind faded into unworkable territory halfway through the trip, and it was nice not to have one less thing I had to think about. I had only packed 2 backups for each child, and I did wish I had packed more of those. Thankfully, Grandma brought new clothes for all 3 kids so my backups were replenished just in time.
 How did Addison do as a flower girl? Not well. She doesn't handle change, heat, or big crowds well. I should have seen this coming. She looked super cute in the beautiful dress that Grandma Smith made her, but still she lay kicking and screaming at the front of the aisle, refusing to walk one little bit as requested of her. Carter marched forward with his sign that said "Uncle Andrew, here comes your girl!" He reached the front (somehow breaking the back of the sign on the way), threw it down on the ground, and stomped on it. 
 My photos don't have as much variety as I would like. I loved how many people jumped in to help with the kids during the reception, but I still found myself running around a bit crazily. My camera and phone had a hard time staying in my possession. I wanted shots of the kids in their outfits. That's pretty much all I got.
 My sister was gorgeous, and I had a hard time believing that the little girl that I shared a room with for so many years has grown into such a beautiful woman. Plus, I got another brother. It was a big weekend.
I am so happy for her and am glad we could all help her celebrate.
  On the way down, Eli popped through his 6th tooth, yesterday he turned 6 months old, and today he was in a different spot on the living room rug every time I checked on him. Apparently he took the chaos from the weekend as an opportunity to grow up without me noticing.
 I felt bad that I couldn't really be there to really coach Addison through this weekend. Carter stepped up to the new responsibilities that the weekend brought, but Addison did not. I was so disappointed that she refused to participate in the wedding, but I think I'll save those thoughts for another post.
 Today we worked on settling back into our normal routine. I caught the kids eating chocolate chip pancakes out of the trash this afternoon, so I think we're pretty much there. Now just to catch up on sleep!
 I'm so very thankful for God's protection for the many hours we traveled this weekend, for my family who I don't get to see enough, and for somehow managing to bring back the same number of children that we left with (Addison's glasses were not so lucky.)

(try not to be too jealous of my children's cooperation for this family photo)

It was a good weekend. One to be repeated soon? Big fat NO. Time to start a nice, boring summer. One that includes lazy afternoons, sleep, and family dinners on the deck. Perfection.

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