Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Twas The Night Before The Big Trip

Twas the night before the big trip, when all through the house
Mommy scuttled and scurried, just like a mouse
The luggage was packed with great tender care
In hopes to not forget important wedding wear
The children are thrashing all restless in their beds,
Preparing road trip mischief in their heads;
The whiner, the vomiter, the screamer all three;
Have plans to let their wild sides' free.
When out on the lawn there grew such long grass
'Cause there wasn't time for a lawn mowing pass.
Daddy was working, working round the clock;
To finish work by Wed tick tock tick tock.
Pit bull named Moon and security lights
Promise to keep the house locked up so tight
While we journey south for the big, big day
To watch Grandpa give Aunt Andrea away
Ringbearer, flowergirl, and Bridesmaid too
The marker-stained toddler will be the something blue
Happy to celebrate with sister dear;
Crossed fingers the kids travel better than I fear
Now "Addison!" Now "Carter!" Now "Eli!" I say
Go to the carseats of quiet time play!
Timeouts, room play, peace, and calm be all gone?
I don't know why you'd think we'd be all done.
Let's play games of quiet 18 hours straight
I promise, promise your prize will be great
Chocolate plus toys plus tickles on the bed
Great blessings will come down on your tiny head
So shhh, shhh sleep little ones. Sleep all night.
Everything, everyone will be all right.
Mommy, Daddy will wake you when we're there.
And you will be glad you rested I swear.
Checking our lists once more one, two, three, four
We'll pile our world on top of that car floor
Children oh be sweet. Children oh be good.
Children, Santa's cam is somewhere in the car hood.

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