Friday, May 16, 2014

Abandoning the Blog

It's been a week since I posted here last. A whole week.

And certainly I don't feel indebted to post here a certain amount of times per week, but the thing is- when I don't post here, I miss it. Like skipping out on a coffee date with a dear friend.

Yesterday, I felt extra lonely, and I couldn't pinpoint why until I realized- ummmm the blog?

Hello, I am still here. I promise.

So what made me abandon my "friend" this week to take my coffee solo, surrounded by masses of children and mountains of laundry?

A couple things.

The weather got nice. Imagine a long, drab winter with a little boy stuck in a small house- literally climbing the walls with so much energy he didn't know where to put it and then imagine the most beautiful weather in the world that just begs you to go outside and drink it up. This week, the weather has been gorgeous, and we have been outside every single minute possible. Carter is like a puppy that needs to be walked. (Yes, I just compared my child to a dog- get over it.) When he can get outside and play- a lot of his behavior problems tone waaaaay down. Because the way our yard is set up, I can't let my kids loose in our yard to play alone. So every minute they're outside? I'm outside. This has very much shifted the dynamic of our weekly schedule.

Aaron runs his own landscape business, and this is his busy season. There are always few weeks during spring start-up that for all purposes I am a single mom. He is gone before they wake up; he comes home long after they are in bed- every single day. A few perks to this mean he just planted (with a helper!) 5 beautiful apple trees for me as a Mother's Day gift and with our outside play, we have been really enjoying the beautiful new deck that he finished up for us last year. It's not all bad. But, as I have no help with the kids, my schedule shifts yet again as I concentrate on survival.
I have been enjoying constantly- chubby baby arms wrapping around my neck as plump legs dangle to my waist. A toothy grin appears more often than not (he just got his FIFTH tooth! ummmm) and an infectious giggle that bubbles up whenever I take advantage of his extremely ticklish, extremely large belly. He is sitting up like a champ, and is very close to crawling (he is in the "scooting" phase). It's amazing to me how much faster these milestones are going with my third.
After so many months with little to no progress, Addison is advancing quickly with her speech. Earlier this week she started to say some full sentences at school for the first time. She picks up new words faster, and she is obsessed with reading right now. We have done a lot of deck reading time this week. Someone asked me earlier this week for tips on how to keep glasses on a toddler, and I was all set to write an informative, slightly sarcastic post. Ever since, Addison has been on a mission to NOT wear her glasses, so I didn't write the post. Still working out the kinks here ourself. (-;
Carter is turning into a little man before my (very sleepy) eyes. Yes, he did lock me out of the house this week. And yes, he has had more timeouts than I can count. But he is doing great with the boundaries set on him for outside play time. And he is improving in his gentleness/kindness toward his siblings. And by "improving", I mean one step forward, ten flying leaps back. But I am still counting the step forward.
This week someone stopped by our house, took a look at the baby on my hip and the deck full of toddler toys, and asked if I was running a daycare. Ummmm sounds about right! Now why are all the payments so late????

In all my free time, I am preparing for us all (yes Aaron will come) to drive to South Carolina for my sister's wedding. Yes, you read that correctly. 16- (however many it takes) hours in the car with the three kids on a tight schedule  to deliver 1 ring bearer, 1 flower girl, and 1 (still sporting baby weight) bridesmaid. While normally I might be excited about an adventure (OK that was a lie…I am a total homebody)- I am resisting the urge to curl up in a ball in the corner and fake a serious illness that might make just sending a Congratulations Sister! card acceptable. Just kidding, Andrea. (sort of) We will be there. We will sacrifice those sanity points to help you celebrate.

So yeah…that has been our week. I totally can't figure out why I have abandoned my computer while fighting for balance out on this tightrope. (-; My excuses are invalid..I know.
Now if you will excuse me, I have 1 alligator baby to feed, 1 little girl to get dressed for school, and 1 little boy to get ready for our morning post-drop-off-sister walk.

It's going to be a good day. It's the weekend. We see Daddy tomorrow. (-;

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