Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas BEFORE I had 3 kids 3 and under and AFTER

Christmas Before I had 3 kids 3 and under vs. After I had 3 kids 3 and under
(Note: I speak for only myself on these issues.)

Before: As I sit in this circle around the tree for present time with so much family, I love that we are all dressed up in our Christmas best and enjoying the magic of the season with such class. One question dances in my mind: Do these new jeans make my thighs look fat?

After: As I sit in this circle around the tree for present time with so much family, I love that they all stayed in their pajamas too so that I wouldn't feel like an outcast. One question dances in my mind: Which seat should I take that will flash the least amount of people when my 2 year old decides to once again play peek-a-boo with my nursing cover?

Before: Well, it's getting late so we should probably be getting home. It was so fun to have a competitive game night combined with such awesome food!

After: It's getting late? You want us to go home? But our kids FINALLY fell asleep ten minutes ago in your guest bedroom. We can now start the party! 

Before: We should decorate our Christmas tree to the nines and post pictures all over facebook so that everyone can admire our artistic decorating style! Yay for new ornaments!

After: Last year we had to take a trip to the emergency room when CH swallowed part of a broken glass ornament. The thought of sweeping up all those pine needles every day and then cleaning up all the decorations in just a few weeks not to mention the STOP CLIMBING THE TREE toddler dance is exhausting to this mommy with a newborn who is already overwhelmed. Will Christmas trees still be a thing next year?

Before: I LOVE Christmas shopping! Going out to lunch, hitting the sales, enjoying the Christmas decorations in the stores. If it snows while I'm out even better! YAY for holiday spirit !!!

After: Getting dressed? Taking all three kids out in the holiday madness? Dealing with the snow and three tiny sets of snow gear to leave the house? Juggling nursing and two toddlers and the shopping bags while actually remembering my purse? Oh hello, online shopping. Let's be friends.

Before: Presents??? For ME? I LOVE PRESENTS!

After: Instead of getting me any presents this year, could everyone please just take a turn chasing my children when they leave the present opening room for the bazillionth time so that I can just sit here, put my feet up, and breathe. Best. Present. Ever.  (I'm a lucky girl- I got both this year)

Before: I'm SO TIRED from staying up super late last night watching that awesome Christmas movie with hubs. No chance for a nap today. Boo. Life is hard.

After: Awesome Christmas movie! Well, the first ten minutes was awesome. That's when I fell asleep. Did I say "fell asleep"? I meant passed out on the couch on top of a pile of clean laundry while wearing two day old spit up crusted clothes and drooling onto the remote. Tired- new definition.

Before: New Year's Party? OF COURSE! Let's bring in the new year with a bang!

After: The only way I will be up at midnight is if it lines up with the baby's feeding.

Before: Christmas desserts!!! LOVE THEM! But let's keep track of the calories here. Small slices, only one piece of candy, and even if I "cheat" on my nonexistent diet- I will for sure make a big show of pretending that it is still firmly in place.

After: This peanut butter ball will fuel me through the next half an hour. Don't care who sees me inhale it. And since bedtime is still five hours away- that requires at least 10 peanut butter balls just to get started here. Gotta shovel in while I have empty arms for the next thirty seconds at which point the baby will no doubt sense that I'm having too much fun and wake up to eat yet again.                                                                                                                     

Before: Christmas socks, fun ugly Christmas sweaters, Christmas jewelry- I LOVE to wear little touches of Christmas spirit.

After: Oh look- one of the clean socks that I'm wearing today has a reindeer on it. This time it's actually in season! The other sock? a pink and black plaid. I'll just keep everyone to my left today.

Before: Gingerbread house decorating party! Love it! MUST make house from scratch! Must decorate with girlfriends! MUST have huge candy selection to decorate houses with Pinterest flair!

After: Oh look- I just ate a gingerbread cookie. Someone must have put it into the peanut butter ball container by mistake.

Before: I can't wait to have kids at Christmas time! They'll come running into the living room to see what Santa brought them! They'll help me make cookies. We'll have a family Christmas feast! They'll give me long hugs in front of the crackling fire while we all sip steaming hot chocolate. They'll shop for presents for each other. We'll go skiing together as a family!

After: Holding screaming baby, surveying the mess made by the toddlers, realizing we have no ingredients for cookies because I have yet to brave a grocery store trip with all three kids....very few decorations, NO fire because of toddler burning risk, spilled hot chocolate all over the dining room floor, no energy to do the 2 hour prep time for 10 minutes of toddler skiing.....time to go spend Christmas at the grandparent's house.

Before: Christmas breakfast, Christmas dinner and presents- there's an awkward, slightly boring period of time between the two that we're never quite sure what to do....

After: Christmas breakfast, Christmas dinner and presents- there's an awesome, magical block of three hours in between in which all the children are sleeping. Adult conversation. Hot beverages. Games. A break. Best part of the day.

(What can I say...Motherhood has just made me into a party animal)

Before: a lot of outward things in place- Christmasy speaking...but something was missing...

After: Party time includes a warm infant sleeping peacefully on my chest, present time is all about the joy on the toddlers faces, each day ends with three bedrooms full of snoring, happy children....chaos reigns...but I know we are building blocks for future Christmases in which the love and joy will continually grow. Life is currently a mess- but something feels complete. We are a family, and life has never been sweeter.

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