Friday, November 22, 2013

Pregnancy Update

Well, here it is. Friday. November 22nd. I am officially more pregnant than I have ever been before. 39 weeks, 2 days. To those of you who have gone to 41, 42 weeks, you might be rolling your eyes at my wimpiness. But because of a tricky blood pressure issue that always comes up for me at the end of pregnancy- 39 weeks is usually when my doctor starts putting priority on immediate delivery and my body starts to fail pretty quickly. This baby seems to have other plans than joining us ASAP. Since he has refused to respond to all of our initial attempts to get him to come, induction is scheduled for Monday. Not my first pick for sure. (Addison's birth was induced- Carter's was not. I chose to go epidural free for both of them...let's say that Carter Henry's was waaaaay easier compared to the Pitocin contractions-ouch)

My children are in the living room right now watching Elmo- again. For the billionth time this week. Mother of the year, right here.

The house is half-way clean. I tried to keep everything caught up for the past week, but have in more recent days completely given up. I gave it a valiant effort to keep everything middle-of-the-night-labor-ready for a full week. But then my energy ran low and had to go towards things like getting out of bed and enduring yet another night full of false labor contractions. I'm apologize in advance to anyone who gets an eye-full of my house while I'm in the hospital. If you feel the need to judge me, please remember that I live with two hurricanes, I am choosing to save that "extra energy" for labor, and it WAS clean a week ago. (yes, I DO know how that vacuum works)

Waiting for a baby to come any day is such a weird thing. Suspended in between two life events- pregnancy and birth, it's hard to know how to plan day-to-day when what you really want to be doing is meeting a new little person and adjusting accordingly. Your body grows more miserable and the pain of labor sounds more and more inticing (I said it was a weird thing).

My children know something is up although I don't think they fully comprehend the magnitude of change that is coming their way. I have no energy with which to parent them (I just fed them some m&ms to get them to stay still for a few more minutes- guilty). I am so thankful for the friends and family who have surrounded me to help me with them (and a husband who has made us his #1 priority). I am fully willing to dedicate all my time and energy to care for my little brood, but this transition time in which my body has turned into an alien vessel that hates me is turning out to be rather rough transition, not gonna lie.

And yet I still know that as frustrating as it is to wait and wait and wait- there are far worse things that could happen when it comes to having a new baby. I am extremely blessed, and I know it. I take it one day at a time, and pray for the day to come quickly when I can finally take a full breath again. The tiny baby kicks that have turned into monster sized baby jolts (I swear he was wearing shoes and carrying a hammer when he danced across my middle last night)- still thankful for them.

That's pretty much it. Nothing earth-shattering to share. Still pregnant. Still slightly snarky. Trying to stay off the internet as much as possible in these last days of feeling "I HATE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE" because I feel that might get me in trouble in the long run.

Hopefully we will have a brand new little mug shot to share with you soon...and the return of brain cells and energy that allow me to go back to more of my normal blogging self soon. I miss that person, but I know this will all be worth it...very soon...

(I've posted some belly shots and such on Instagram...feeling entirely too tired and lazy to copy them over here...)

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