Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Beautiful Woman, The Spiders, And The Cure

I was standing- front and center stage in a concert hall.

Large, spacious, with an air of neglect- I didn't recognize this concert hall.

Was I supposed to perform? Was I here to see someone else perform? Was I supposed to be helping back stage?

I saw no one.

I turned and started slowly finding my way off the stage in search of some answers.

The first thing that caught me eye were several spiders that scampered by my feet as I walked away.

Spiders? Normally when I see a hairy spider balancing on thick legs, it's enough to send me screaming out of the laundry room with a vow never to do laundry in there again. My phobia of spiders is more than slight. But for some reason in this instant I remained calm.

I entered the back hallway and there were more spiders. Everywhere. Climbing up the walls, Dangling from the ceiling. Crawling along the floor. Why were there so many spiders? And more importantly- would they fall on me?

Still I remained calm. Very unlike myself. I had too many questions to let fear take over. Besides, where was I to run?

I looked down the dark hallway and was half relieved, half terrified to see someone walking my way.

I waited. Patiently. Silently. The shadow coming my way moved slowly and steadily. No rushing. I wondered if this was to keep the spiders calm.

A beautiful woman emerged from the shadows and my fear fled away. Something about her very presence was calming. Her blue eyes were kind. Her smile was reassuring. Her brown hair fell in soft waves around her shoulders. She was tall. Graceful. Confident. The path of spiders seemed to part to make way for her.

"Hi" I said.

"Hello" she replied in a low voice. The longer I stared at her, I thought that she looked familiar. Had we met before? Do I know her?

"What's your name?" I asked her

"I'm not supposed to tell you that."

I felt my fountain of previous questions freeze up as I thought about her answer. Why couldn't she tell me her name?

"Follow me." She said and turned quickly to go back the way she came.

Not having many options at this point, I silently obeyed. I shuffled at first, trying not to step on any spiders, but then picked up my feet to walk more confidently as I fell into the path that she created- spider free.

She led me down the darkened hallway, into another winding hallway, leading towards a third hallway full of spiders- spiders of all different sizes. As we walked she began to sing.

Her voice was beautiful. Magical. I could sense even the spiders enjoying her melody. It was obvious that she had some sort of special connection to music. Her melody floated effortlessly through the empty hallways, sending waves of peace through the air.

We approached a stairway. Full of spiders. Winding, narrow stairs. Still, I followed, mesmerized by both her voice and graceful, commanding presence.

Her articulations were perfect as she continued to sing. Her intonation was flawless. The very timbre of her voice was golden.

We reached the top of the stairs, and she led me to a room full of windows. We looked out one of the windows down at a courtyard that looked as neglected as the rest of the concert hall. There was a large swimming pool outside- empty of water- full of spiders.

"This is the only way to escape." She said. Long eye lashes brushed her cheeks as she blinked several times- almost shyly.


"Yes, all of the others left through this window and down into the courtyard."


"It was nice seeing you." She started to walk away.

"Wait!" I called.

She stopped. Turned back to face me. And waited. Was she- crying?

"Why am I here?" I asked.

"They thought you might want to see where it all happened."

"What happened? Who?"

"Well, the spiders..." She started, but in my eagerness I interrupted her.

"Yes, what is the deal with all of these spiders?"

"One of them holds the cure. They're researching to find which one."

"The cure? The cure for what?" I stared into her eyes, with more questions now than when I started asking.

"Well, Down syndrome of course. I used to have Down syndrome, but after being bitten by one of the spiders housed here in the theater, my extra chromosome disappeared. The research being done to locate the exact breed of spider responsible is quite extensive. Their hope is that I can help identify which one."

I was speechless. But then her familiarity struck me in a new way.

I stared at her beautiful features, felt tears spring to my eyes, and whispered with a catch in my throat- "Addison?"

Just then the loud brawls of a two year old demanding "GINK" from his crib awakened me.

These pregnancy dreams are getting entirely too vivid....and weirdly unsettling...

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