Monday, September 23, 2013

Mommy Vacation

Sitting by a lake with small waves lapping up onto a sandy beach in a soothing, glorious pattern of peace while NOT having to chase tiny people out of the deep end in order to avoid drowning...

Eating and enjoying meals without having already witnessed that same meal thrown on the floor, smeared all over small bodies, thrown at me, spit back out.....

Eating and enjoying meals without having had to do one blessed thing to fix them...

Sleeping an entire night without hearing calls for "Mommy!" and "Gink!" and "ALL DONE!" at 1am, 3am, and 5am...

Having long conversations with friends (old and new!) without being interrupted because I just lost sight of a bobbing blonde head who was headed for the refreshment table with hands ready to do some table cloth pulling...

Going over 24 hours without having to change ONE diaper....

Sitting through sessions on encouragement...talking to mothers who have survived these preschool years gracefully and joyfully...reflecting on the things I have to be thankful for...discussing ways I want to improve and challenge myself...

...this weekend was amazing. I am very thankful to those who stepped in to watch the twinsies, with school pickup, and with all the responsibilities of my usual job.

This weekend I escaped to a ladies retreat with the ladies from my church three hours away at a beautiful camp in NY.

Sure, I wish I hadn't spend the three hours on the ride there vomiting/getting sick due to an extremely curvy road and an easily upset pregnant stomach...but was worth it. (side note to the one who graciously drove me: I am sorry you had to witness that.)

I came back refreshed in spirit and ready to do this all again.

This overnight away from the kids was kind of a trial run for mommy-being-in-the-hospital-having-a-new-baby overnight.

I have a feeling that this overnight was far more fun (vomiting included). But I am kind of getting very ready for the other kind of overnight as well.

Now for the catch up. Why is it that one day of mommy vacation equals a week of mommy purgatory????

And in case you don't follow my facebook page, this was my status upon returning:

I arrived home from my weekend away to find the car perfectly and wonderfully vacuumed. Pleasantly surprised, I thanked my husband for his initiative in vacuuming the millions of bits of broken crackers and crumbs that had been at the feet of the carseats. "Oh I didn't vacuum" he replied. "I opened both back doors of the car and fired up the leaf blower. It took care of things quite nicely." Leaf blower. Who knew?

The man is clearly a genius.

Shout out to my amazing husband. Who knows what kind of chaos these next eight weeks will bring with the addition of another...but there is no one I would rather be doing this with. (-:
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