Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To My Princess and Princes

Dear Addison and Carter (and unborn #3),

This week a real, actual prince was born. It was kind of exciting and somehow seemed romantic even though mommy knew all too well just how exactly unromantic the events in that hospital room were. (I have YOU to thank for that!)

I know right now you probably don't care about the prince of your generation, but someday maybe you will- so I thought I would just write you a quick note to reassure you that in my eyes- you will always be my princess and princes. No competition- you will always be the most special and amazing children in my world.

Even though the kingdom you are inheriting has less to do with a majestic land and more to do with this:
(How sweet of you to try to take over your duties early! I will hand over this sceptor any time...)

and your table manners might send the Queen into an early grave:
(do the pearls cancel out the open mouth "see food"?)

and sometimes Mommy just needs a royal break of her own:
There's just something about the way you look at me
 and the way you look at each other
that makes me feel like the luckiest, most royal lady alive.
So I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for choosing me to be your mommy even though I'm sure a royal family would have been way more fun. Thank you for letting me love you even though our life is very imperfect and quite plain. I find my boring lil' life to be quite fabulous ever since you came into the picture.

Much love,
(or Mummy...if you prefer)

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