Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gender Reveal

Today we found out.....

...that Addison will be the rose between two thorns, the princess between two princes, and the boss lady over her two male servants.

(jk about that last one...sort of)

I was a bit nervous about the appointment, since the 20 week ultrasound is where everything fell apart for Addison's pregnancy.

But today the detailed Level 2 ultrasound revealed absolutely no concerns. Obviously this guarantees nothing, but it was reassuring to hear nonetheless.

During the scan, our baby proudly flashed us this (if you can tell what this is...I am sorry):
And then promptly reached a hand down to "that area" and began to (ahem) "play with himself." After which, he took that same hand back up to his face to dig for gold in an earnest nose picking expedition.
He's going to be a real catch....warn your daughters.

(I thought the ultrasound tech was going to fall off her seat she was laughing so hard)

In all seriousness...we are excited to be welcoming another boy to our clan. 
When I got home I told Carter that he was getting a brother!!!!! His response? "Cupcake!!!!" To be fair, sometimes it's hard to concentrate on the truly important things when Mommy brings cupcakes home and sets them in plain sight. Who cares where she went or what she found out. CUPCAKES!

None of the profile pics were terribly clear because he was moving so much during the entire thing, but here you go:
Baby #3 
Can't wait to meet you in November, big guy. 

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