Wednesday, June 5, 2013

When You Get Knocked Down...

This is probably one of those posts that will get all typed out and then deleted because goodness knows we're not supposed to air any sort of dirty laundry on the internet. No sireeee. We are all supposed to be perfect and inspirational and never ever have a bad day.

I have weeks where I really rock out my job as stay-at-home mom. The meals are well thought out and perfectly executed. The laundry stays caught up with. The house is clean at least once a day. The children are taken on field trips, therapies, and play dates. Life is awesome and I spend most of my time overcome with thankfulness with how extremely blessed I am.

Other weeks are lived in a bit of a survival mode. All of those same things get done- just with not as much finesse and perhaps get done a day late and a dollar short. Because my personality thrives on survival mode, these weeks still lead me to believe that life is awesome and I am extremely blessed.

And then I have the rare week- like this week- where none of those things get done and I bribe my children with cookies to please leave me alone so that I can rest for just fifteen minutes longer. Yes. I really said that.

This pregnancy (up until this week) I have felt physically better than I did my first two pregnancies, but emotionally it has been way more rocky than both of the other two pregnancies combined. Add in a cold this week, some intensifying pregnancy sickness, and paying for overdoing it last week with extra exhaustion- and you have me at my very finest.

It all started last Thursday when I chose two minutes of blessed peace over checking what my children were doing. When I went to find them (after the very short two minutes), they had broken a piggy bank into my dresser. Glass interspersed with coins were everywhere. Tiny shards hidden in my pjs, larges pieces resting on the carpet- it was a mess. Thankfully the children weren't hurt at all, but I knew what  I needed to do- deep clean our master bedroom.

Our bedroom gets the least amount of attention of any other room in the house. Because I can shut the door, and the rest of the house (aka the visible part) gets first priority- our master bedroom gets shamefully awful. Every once in a while I have to set aside a day and bust through it. Glass hidden throughout one corner of the room? Seemed like a sign from heaven.

A sitter came Friday afternoon, and I tackled the large, much-needed project. Of course on that same day it was one billion and 92 degrees, so heat stroke very well may have been involved in this project.

I wanted to stop and rest so many times, but since I only had a sitter that one day I HAD TO GET IT DONE. Dripping with sweat and exhausted, I finished the massive cleaning project just in time (hours and hours later). Whoohoo! Success!

That night I collapsed on the couch. Saturday I felt super sluggish. Sunday I came down with a cold. And it's been downhill ever since. The positive side? I have a super clean, glass-free master bedroom to rest in. The negative side? My job doesn't stop so that I can rest.

The only moral to the story that I can come up with is that clearly cleaning is evil. But that doesn't seem quite right so I'll keep pondering it.

I share this because it's Wednesday, and I guess I should post sometime this week (although deleting this blog was definitely a thought these past few days of emotional and physical low.)

I guess I want to know- what inspires you? What kicks you back into gear when you want to stop? What instills the feeling of "life is awesome" even when you're flat on your back and feeling like absolute poo?

Share with me some happy thoughts. Pretty please? Because this week isn't over yet, and I want need to revive- for the sake of the cookie-eating children in my care.

Insert happy

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