Friday, June 21, 2013

I laugh Because I Can

I have a great sense of humor. When something bad happens, or plans derails- I am pretty quick to find a laugh in the situation. No one else may understand what the humor exactly is...but I laugh anyway because it is just what I do. Besides, as someone who weird things just seem to happen to- I figure it is better to laugh than cry.

Nothing has stretched my sense of humor more than having toddlers. Two toddlers. Made up of one part adorable, one part sweet, and one part pure evil.

When Carter semi-climbed up onto the counter yesterday morning and pulled down the gallon pitcher full of milk onto the floor- I gasped when I heard the crash, but laughed when I saw the "innocent" look on his face and cute "uh-oh." (that clean floor was nice while it lasted)
When Addison used her couple of diaper-free minutes (trying to get rid of a diaper rash) to squat randomly around the house and drop little presents in unexpected places, I winced when I almost stepped on one and then laughed at the ridiculousness of it all before having a long chat with her once again about what exactly she thought her potty time was for. (no picture of're welcome. Actually I did take a picture to text to Aaron so that he knew to be on the lookout when he got home.)

When I ate a cookie in secret and was discovered by both of them and they climbed like ninjas up to my mouth (I was sitting at the table) to attempt to pry my mouth open to grab some crumbs to "share",  I laughed at the intensity in their faces and felt no guilt because I had just fixed them an awesome dinner that they were about to eat.

When Carter grabbed my hairbrush off of the bathroom counter and spend long minutes (seconds) brushing his luscious locks of....shaved hair, I laughed because I thought it was cute he was trying to mimic what he saw me doing a lot even though he has practically no hair. But when I needed that hairbrush a short hour later and could not find it anywhere...I was no longer laughing. When I searched the entire house over and over and over until I started going crazy and then had to go to Addison's eye appointment with my new haircut looking like a rats nest flung over my head, I was ticked. When I asked him where he put my hairbrush and he sweetly said "Addison." I was not laughing. HE WOULDN'T TELL ME WHERE HE PUT IT AND I LOOKED HOMELESS.

(btw...all but the potty one happened yesterday...the day after this post)

It took a trip to the grocery store (after the appointment...of course seeing tons of people that I know at the grocery store) to buy a new brush, my cookie eaten in "secret", and a half hour of blessed silence while the kids watched "Elmo" to bring the smile back. By the time they were fast asleep- looking all cute and angelic in their beds, the laughter had returned.

It was ordained by the heavens that they slept a lovely 12 hours last night and let me sleep in until 7:30 this morning. Because not one cup of (decaf) coffee into the day and Addison had taken a bag of Costco toilet paper, thrown it into the bathtub, and turned the water on high. I laughed. But only because there were more cookies to be had.

I have a great sense of humor. Unfortunately my children seemed to have inherited this. Except their sense of humor has more to do with laughing AT me and the crazy stunts they manage to pull while I am selfishly doing stuff like making sure they have clean clothes to wear and fresh food to eat.

On a totally unrelated note...anyone want a couple of cute kids? They come with a backup hair brush, a bag of soaked toilet paper, and an overall stickiness that can only come from trying to bathe in a milk pool on the floor. (Sorry, no cookies will most likely be left.)
And now that I have properly entertained myself, guess that laundry isn't going to fold itself. If only that could be the twinsies next evil trick....

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