Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First Pregnancy vs. Third Pregnancy

I've been laughing at myself a bit with how differently I think about this pregnancy than I did my first one. I'm not saying that these thoughts are true for every first time/third time pregnant woman. Just my own personal experience (with a slight exaggeration on certain points for the sake of humor). Enjoy.

Morning sickness:
First Pregnancy: The whole world needs to STOP and recognize how SICK I am and feel SO SORRY for me! I must lie on my couch for MONTHS and be pampered!!!
Third Pregnancy: Eh, life goes on. I'll carry a plastic bag in my purse.

The bump "popping":
First Pregnancy: Have I popped? Is this belly the baby or is it that huge burger I ate for lunch? Am I the right size for this number of weeks? Am I getting too fat too fast?
Third Pregnancy: Huh, a belly. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

First Pregnancy: I just had a positive pregnancy test! I must come up with a baby name RIGHT NOW. I must set aside EVERYTHING until I have a girl and a boy name chosen. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.
Third Pregnancy: I hope my delivery nurse has a nice name that could be used for either gender.

Maternity Clothes:
First Pregnancy: Is it too soon to wear the closet full of maternity clothes I bought at four weeks? Does this make my bump look bigger or smaller? Should the band cover my stomach or not? Which styles make me look the cutest???
Third Pregnancy: Add extra tall black trash bags to grocery list.

Telling everyone:
First Pregnancy: I'M PREGNANT! Whoohoooooo!!!! When should I tell everyone? I want to tell them now, but is it too early? I feel like they can tell just by looking at me. This secret is killing me! MUST.TELL.NOW.
Third Pregnancy: I wonder if the family will notice when we bring another child to Christmas?

Birth Plans:
First Pregnancy: What will labor actually be like? Should I type and notarize my birth plan? Will it really hurt that bad? Can I make it drug free? Why don't people look me in the eye when I talk about my high pain tolerance? It's going to be so magical!!!!
Third Pregnancy: Is it too late to talk about a surrogate?

The Nursery:
First Pregnancy: I need a theme. The right colors. The room must be painted and ready to go by the time I hit twenty-five weeks. The crib and personalized bedding must be ready by thirty weeks. This is the most important thing that I can do as a mother. I need to make it perfect!
Third Pregnancy: A nursery theme? LOL. You're killing me here. Is "you-better-sleep-really-well-or-else" a theme?

Parenting Ideas:
First Pregnancy: I am NOT going to make all of those mistakes that I see my friends making. I am going to do it RIGHT and follow all the good things from my reading list of fifty of the best parenting books. I am going to rock parenting!
Third Pregnancy: I'm just going to take this one day at a time and hope that I don't screw my children up too badly. Those parenting books make awesome doorstops, and my friends are total rockstars that I learn from daily.

First Pregnancy: I can eat ANYTHING I want! I'm pregnant! It will all go away super fast with breastfeeding!
Third Pregnancy: Yes, I absolutely CAN eat a second helping of that yummy cake. But I will regret it later. Greatly. Regret. It. The baby does NOT absorb the extra calories. My thighs do.

List of Dos and Don'ts:
First Pregnancy: OH MY GOODNESS I can't believe I almost drank one ounce of coffee over my daily limit. Phew. That was so close! I hope that my baby can forgive me (insert sob).
Third Pregnancy: Coffee. Necessary. Baby will understand once he/she meets siblings.

First Pregnancy: Girl or boy? Boy or girl? Pink or blue? This is LIFE CHANGING, and I can't believe I have to wait until TWENTY WEEKS to know my DESTINY!
Third Pregnancy: We have one of each. This baby is getting hand-me-downs either way. As long as he/she looks good covered in little toddler hugs and kisses, I think we're good. Since I can't change the outcome whatsoever, I'm just going to focus on survival and not think about it too much.

Doctor's Appointment:
First Pregnancy: I cannot WAIT until my next doctor's appointment. I feel such a connection to my wee little baby when I'm sitting on that sterile table and hearing all about pregnancy from my fantastic doctor!
Third Pregnancy: I lucked out and found a BABY SITTER for this appointment, so I hope that the half hour of peace and quiet lasts forever and serves smoothies. Wait, why am I here again?

Anyone else notice a slight perspective shift from your first pregnancy to later ones? Dish! What comparisons put a smile on your face?

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