Monday, June 10, 2013

Creating Adventure Day 1

Today we began our 30 days of adventure. Because of the flexibility required of toddlers, weather, and tired pregnant mama- I have decided to take this one day at a time. Because of that I don't have our entire month planned out to share with you. This might be more a looking back share as in "look what we did yesterday" instead of what we're planning to do tomorrow. Also, I will not be doing a post on this every day. I just figured I would kick off the first day with an entire post dedicated to it.

Today we had a morning of speech therapy, and I had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon, so I figured we would take a walk down by Lake Champlain while we were already out that direction.

Of course, the day went JUST AS I PLANNED. As luck would happen (or perhaps, nap karma), Speech therapy did not tire out the children as much as usual. Therefore, they fought naptime, and didn't finally fall asleep until a short while before I had to wake them up for my 16 week appointment. Because of wanting to let them sleep as long as possible, we were then running late for my appointment. We hit every red light there and then were even more late. (We were thankful for Grandma's help with the kids during the appointment!) Once settled on the table, the doctor took forever to find the heartbeat (as in had to go get different equipment to try again. gulp.) We hit a lot of traffic trying to make our way to our destination, and I took a wrong turn and parked in a parking garage so shady I half expected my car to be sold for parts while we were adventuring. (See why I said flexibility will be the theme of my challenge?)

But once we arrived, we walked
and shared a gink
and learned how to say BIRD
and BOAT.
We stayed on the sidewalk and all walked in the same general direction (VICTORY!)
We charmed every stranger we passed by(and by we...I mean Addison.)
We rested on a bench
and located a cremee stand.
 This is where the serious education began.
 Eating a cremee = every Vermont child's summer duty. And to new little children- eating a cremee with just enough speed and circling of the cone as to not lose precious ice cream to dripping? This needs education. And lots of practice.
So there you have it. I get nervous about taking them on outings like this by myself because usually they run off in opposite directions screaming stuff like "KIDNAP ME!" But today they listened; they obeyed; they followed the scent to the ice cream. I'm going to call this progress. 
And when you look like this at the end of an adventure? You know it was a good one.
I loved the extra push to do an extra something with my kids this afternoon. Without this challenge, we would have just headed home after the doctor's appointment and avoided housework. This was a much more fun way to avoid housework. AND it didn't get any worse by toddlers tearing it apart all afternoon. WIN. 

If any of you are doing fun summer adventures with your kids- feel free to tell us about them in the comment section. If you want to tag a picture on Instagram use #creatingtoddleradventure and we can collect activity ideas that way too. I'm hoping at the end of this challenge to do one giant post of summer toddler activity ideas. If you want to be included in that post- hop on board! Don't feel any pressure to have to do one every single of the 30 days. Even if you only get a few in we still want to hear about them! And goodness knows they don't have to be elaborate ideas. Mine won't be! Sometimes your most basic plans can be the inspiration that another family is looking for. And if none of you want to join in the fun? Totally fine too. This challenge has already brightened up a Monday here. I'm hoping for a fun 30 days to focus on adventuring with my kids.

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