Friday, May 10, 2013

Just Another Day

It's hard to miss the fact that this weekend is Mother's Day. A day which means so much but in reality means absolutely nothing. It's just another day. Another day to do my job. My job as mother.

This job is easy in its simplicity and yet harder than anything else I've ever done before.

It's boring and yet entirely fascinating.

It's frustrating and yet the source of great love and peace.

It brings out my greatest insecurities and yet makes me feel like I have achieved like nothing else.

It's hilarious and yet heart breaking.

It's isolating and yet always surrounds me by two little people.

It's never ending and yet time has never flown by faster.

It's messy and yet bright and shiny.

Motherhood is a job that is mine. A job that I don't deserve. As I think about Mother's Day, the only emotion that truly makes sense to me is thankfulness.

Extreme thankfulness for the good and the bad. The boring and the exciting. The pretty moments along with the ugly ones.

I am thankful for the little ones who make me a mother, the precious days that I get to spend with them, the moments that I will cherish forever, the small arms that wrap me in a hug, the lips that give slobbery kisses, the bodies that snuggle up close on my lap with a book, the chubby hands that carefully hold mine while we walk.

Mother's Day is just another day to do all of these things. Just another day to celebrate the blessings that I have been given and wonder- how did I get so lucky? 

To all of you- I wish you a happy Sunday of thankfulness for the unique blessings that are yours. The perfectly designed path that holds both parts good and bad and yet overwhelmingly is the right one for your now.

In honor of this weekend, Diapers, Onesies, Stretch Marks- Oh My! is free today and tomorrow.

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