Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Oh So Normal...and A Blog Break

The thing that has surprised me the most about having a child with special needs is how extremely normal our lives are.

As a first time mother, I thought that my entire life from there on out would be wrapped around Down syndrome, therapies, and difference.

I pictured the small pleasures I used to get out of life- the petty problems that used to weigh me down- the drama of daily events- suddenly meaning nothing to me. Because all I could see was DOWN SYNDROME...mostly because of the Down syndrome glasses I was wearing.

This was a reason it scared me so badly to have Down syndrome enter our lives. I didn't want a singularly focused life on something so "horrible" (quote from past Deanna)
I wrote my first ebook Dreams Change as a way to document that initial journey. The shock; the fear; the denial; the finally found peace and acceptance. I was extremely honest- probably almost to a fault- letting those other moms who recently learned about their child's diagnosis that they are not alone. And it gets better. So much better.

Because of all of you- that ebook has been shared and read by just those women and families who really needed to read it the most. Because of you, Dreams Change is making a difference in how a diagnosis of Down syndrome is perceived.

Some of you may be wondering why I bothered to write a second ebook. Obviously I am very busy. Obviously I probably have better things to do than type away at a computer for hours on end.
But the truth is, just as those first time moms needed to learn that a diagnosis isn't the end of the world, there are other moms past that point who need to see a glimpse into the normalcy and wonderfulness of  life as the years continue. It needs to be said that motherhood is hard...but oftentimes that has absolutely nothing to do with special needs at all.

This ebook is part-lighthearted, covering the daily grind of motherhood, and part-serious- tackling issues like having a "perfect baby", being called a "special mom", and what really matters in mommy wars.

It's meant to be an encouragement to new mothers in general, a glimpse into the normalcy of special needs in our lives for those who need to see how much it hasn't taken over our lives, and an easy, entertaining ready for pretty much anyone. Basically, this ebook is my blog in a more cohesive book form (except with hundreds more hours put into it...and a lot more sweat and tears poured into each word)

Of your group of friends, you don't know which ones are discouraged and feeling alone in the toddler stage. You don't know who still thinks that a life with Down syndrome is a life sentence of horribleness. You don't know who needs to connect with another young mom in spirit. You don't know  who might find a smile or maybe a perspective change about such things as the mommy competition. And just in general- there are some pretty awesome stories in there. You never know who might benefit from a good read.
I set up the giveaway as a way to thank you for your general awesomeness here on the blog and for making my work as a writer mean something.  I wanted to thank you reading but also for sharing it with your friends because that's where making a difference starts. I hope you take advantage of the giveaway. Because I am very thankful for you all and for everything that you have already done.

I hope you enjoy reading Diapers, Onesies, Stretch Marks- Oh My! I certainly enjoyed writing it- and living it.

I'm going to be taking a short blog break to get some breathing space after the many, many extra hours I put in on this ebook these past few weeks. If you need some EANFE to read? You know where to find it.

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