Friday, March 15, 2013

Little Mommy

One of my fears about Down syndrome pre-Addison was that she would mostly just exist- with no personality, no reasoning skills, no ability to make choices for herself. I thought Down syndrome would steal away her "person-ness" and replace it with a stereotype. (Yes, it's my blog. I reserve the right to make up words!)

Well from day one she has shot the "no personality" fear right out of my mind, and her ingenuity in getting her way with (and toys away from) Carter has been pure genius with making choices and then reasoning how to make them reality.

I wasn't planning on blogging today, but what I just witnessed has to be shared because she continues to defy these fears that used to be a big reason why I was so scared of Down syndrome being in our lives.

So we've been faithful with our toy fast, with the exception of breaking out a rocking horse a few afternoons ago when snow cancelled our outside play time and taking afternoon trips places where there would be toys for the kids to mess around with (stores with playrooms, etc.) We've been really faithful with it- until this morning.

I packed away all of the toys away in the basement except for one large bag that I kept in the back hallway to stash toys as I would find them throughout the day in random spots of the house. Today while Carter was fast asleep and I was cleaning the bathroom, Addison took matters into her own hands.

She went back into that back hallway and pulled out three of her favorite stuffed animals. Taking them through the house into the living room, she sat them each carefully on or around the little plastic chair that hangs out in a corner of the LR. Then she tore out pages from her Daddy's work notebook and placed a sheet of paper on each bear's lap and went to work with her sippy cup. Armed with the cup full of water, she went from bear to bear giving long drinks of water while staring down lovingly at her charges.

I know this because I came back into the Living Room to check on her and I saw her little school room all set up, and Addison "little mommy" in full caring mode:
Seriously, the level of attentiveness that she was giving to her pretend play completely blew my mind. Abandoning the bathroom cleaning, I sat down to watch her. She smiled up at me, said "baby", and then moved on to give the next bear a drink after re-situating the reading material. Apparently she felt as though they needed to be rehydrated after their long trip away from her.
After she was satisfied with the drink situation, she placed the white bunny (and the other stuffed animal hanging out under the chair) next to the brown bear, settled down into the green chair herself and very expressively and thoughtfully read them a book. I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of this. I was afraid if I moved and reminded her that I was watching that she would stop. And I live for these moments.

I don't know how a typical 3 year old girl pretend plays, because I have never mothered a typical 3 year old girl. I only know that I found this completely awesome and think that this says so much about Addison's personality, reasoning skills, and choice making that I used to think would never be reality for her.

Thank you Addison for being such an incredible part of our lives! (And your bears and bunny wanted to thank you for the drink of water. It was just the pick-me-up they needed after spending the week in a plastic bag.)

Anyone want to guess what the first toys to break the toy fast are?

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