Monday, March 11, 2013

Dear Monday Morning,

Dear Monday Morning,

You are a beast. A cruel beast that attacks right when I'm still digging out from a long week followed by a long weekend. You never give me a break!

But this Monday morning- waking up with a sick child, a disaster house, and deadlines that aren't going to write themselves- I have decided that I won't let you win. I won't let you bring me down.

Because I have decided:

 I will jump. High. And have fun doing it. 
 (psssst, thanks Shannon on IG for pointing out the mouth similarities here. made me laugh and smile!)
When I freak out at the constant mess and the children who ignore boundaries,
 I will drop it all to go play in the mud. While holding one shoe. And feeling the ooey gooey slosh against my socked foot with no thought to how I'm going to clean this up.
I will enjoy small pleasures when I can.
I will laugh when my children do silly things like telling me "NO" and thinking they bested me to play in a "glass house" while I sit calmly with my cup of coffee and Kindle watching them "hide".
I will sing Hallelujah when God sends a nod of spring our way.
I will listen to my wall art
and my children's laughter.
I will stop taking myself so seriously.
I will take a nap and not feel guilty. (I will also redesign how a sweater is to be worn.)
I will take the time to lose myself in a good book.
I will jump some more even when my children stare at me like I'm crazy.
I will choose happiness...and a good seat on which to watch the world around me.
You know, Monday Morning- it's strange. I'm supposed to be the teacher to these two kids, and yet they seem to have been the ones to teach me.

How to deal with YOU, depressing, coffee-inducing, overwhelming beast.

Because you're just not worth the drama. You're just another day. To live. Awesomely. Out loud. In full color. While making the most of each moment, even the not-so-fun ones.

Now as much as I've enjoyed our little chat, if you will please excuse two teachers are waiting. I have a full day of lessons ahead of me!

p.s. Winner of the Signing Time DVD is Maria Watkins...EMAIL ME!

p.s.s. Thank you for all of your encouragement and for laughing with me last week. You all are completely amazing!

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  1. You encourage me sooo much! I am a new mom...yup, this motherhood thing is somethin ELSE!!! Thanks for keepin it real:) And for reminding us to live life out loud!!:) *laura


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