Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Birthday to Addison

They told me that I was having a little girl.
I was.
They told me she had all ten fingers and toes.
She did.
 They told me she would be born in February.
She was.
 They told me she would be healthy.
She wasn't.
They told me she would have Down syndrome.
She does.
 They told me I would love her.
I do.
After seeing the extremely low muscle tone around her mouth they told me she might never eat normally.
She does.
 They told me she might need to be on oxygen a long time.
She was.
They told me she wouldn't look like the rest of our family.
She does
But other than all that, they said that they couldn't really tell me what to expect.
Because "awesome" is hard to predict in those fuzzy black and white screen shots and is pretty much never detected in an amnio.
Happy Birthday, Addison!
Never have I loved three years more.


  1. Happy Birthday Addison!!! So stinkin cute!!

  2. Happy happy birthday sweet Addison !!. Will be praying for you today!!. Tons pf kisses from Spain. Maria ;)


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