Thursday, January 31, 2013

Visiting Preschool

Today Addison and I visited preschool. I realize that I'm making a big deal out of a little transition since 1. It's preschool, not kindergarten 2. Addison will only be attending preschool part-time (two mornings a week)

But for us, this is taking the place of all of the therapies that we have been getting at home the past three years, so it is kind of a big change to our schedule. All that to say, today we did a visit and next Thursday is Addison's first official day. We both stayed for two hours and after about ten seconds in, Addison completely ignored me; so I sat in a teeny tiny chair, made myself invisible, and watched her blossom in this new environment.

I think that preschools are set up a lot like that witch's castle in the woods built out of candy. Addison walked into a beautiful, colorful room and immediately was distracted by twenty different awesome toys that she wanted to play with and other children who looked like they were having a blast, so she ran in full surrender, ready to do whatever it took to be a part of the fun.

All the ugly necessities such as "rules" and "therapies" and "must stay even when you don't feel like it" weren't discussed at all as Addison saw was the glitz and glamour of PLAY.

Her aide, Mrs. T got quite the workout chasing Addison from station to station as Addison wanted to play with everything at once. When the special ed teacher wanted to take Addison and I on a walk around the school to meet the school nurse and see the bathroom where Addison's diaper changing station would be set up, Addison did NOT want to leave her new classroom. "No, no, no" she said quite clearly (the only words she spoke the whole time we were there). Two pigtails bobbed and her whole body stiffened and then collapsed on the floor as if she suddenly couldn't walk. Classic Addison.

I was worried about her going to preschool, worried about what her other classmates might be like, worried about how she would learn in a classroom instead of one-on-one. But after today's visit, I am feeling really good about it all. Especially when about an hour in she noticed me and gave me a look like "what are YOU still doing here?" as she scurried off to master the water table.

I could see the grown-up big girl in her come out that tends to be hidden at home, and I was overwhelmingly proud of her. Someone asked me if I cried. Nope. But that answer might be different if you ask me again next Thursday when the drop off is for real.
 I was glad I took a snack for her today. I almost didn't because I wasn't sure we would stay that long, but Addison wasn't ready to leave. She sat down at the table with her new friends like she had been born for this.
 Of course she missed a certain little Mr. Carter, but he had a good morning at Grandma and Papa's house. Their laughter and "talk" while catching up on each other's mornings did this momma's heart good.
Here's to preschool and to little girls who are ready for the change into big girl territory.


  1. Those photos tell so much. How ready is Addison. I hope her first week is fantastic.


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