Friday, January 11, 2013

The Big Ski Trip

Yesterday was a day I'd been looking forward to all winter- taking the kids skiing. Since Aaron works up at the ski resort a few weeks each winter we get free rentals for the kids, making this a very affordable (read:free) activity for us.

I truly thought that Carter would do amazing. He loves to run and move fast no matter what the activity is. Addison I wasn't as sure about. Last year she did well, but this year she's pretty much cried every time her cheeks hit cold air.

But it was a family afternoon, and I was excited to see how the kids would do.

And this is the point where I can 1. Do the Blogger lie thing and make the pictures say what I want them to say and portray the afternoon like I envisioned it all in my head or 2. Tell the story how it actually happened...hmmmm tough choice.

Let's start at the beginning.
Addison was psyched to be out and about. She could sense our excitement and went with it.
 Carter warmed up to the excitement slowly.
 They both sat very still while they were measured for their boots (the SMALLEST boots the resort had)
 And two pairs of teeny tiny skis were all prepped and ready to go.
And just as I expected, it was a HUGE HIT! The minute Addison was strapped up into her boots and skis she couldn't have been happier! Oh wait...
Carter? Nope...guess these pictures aren't going to let me lie.
 Truth is, the minute we got to the bunny hill I had to go take a little break (ahem-curse the large McDonalds sweet tea for the ride up) so I asked Aaron if he would be OK for thirty seconds alone. He said of course he would be fine. (He blames what happened next on me abandoning them)
I came back to find both children in tears. Aaron said he didn't know what to do because they both just immediately broke down and entire bunny hill was staring at him and his two sobbing children. That's us. Just one big happy family.
 "Save me from this torture!!!!"
 So we rescued them from their "feet prisons" and held them for a while watching everyone else on the bunny hill. It was a super warm day for Vermont so it was quite enjoyable to stand and watch other skiers do their thing for a while. It was really the perfect weather for kids to try skiing for the first time.
Too bad they both inherited the "stubborn cantankerous" gene from...well, we won't say who.
 Because the ratio really needed to be two adults to one child (like we had last year with just Addison) instead of one to one, we had the brilliant idea to go back to the car, give them a snack break, and then try again in the parking lot with one child at a time while the other waited in the car.

That's when Carter Henry finally tolerated it enough to actually do some "baby step" skiing.
 Addison and I were cheering him on.
Ok scratch that. I was cheering him on while Addison tried to figure out how to get OUTTA there via driving the car herself.
 Hasn't anyone told you the dangers of drinking and driving Miss Addison?
 This beautiful moment between father and son was promptly overtaken by
 this beautiful moment which included some Addison photo bombing. (seriously this picture makes me laugh every time I look at it): 
 Another snack break:
 And then it was Addison's turn. I couldn't tell if she was more upset to be away from the bag of pretzels, out of the driver's seat, or back into an activity she had decided ahead of time that she hated.
 Her turn didn't last very long...(better luck next time I guess)

Here's a brief clip of Carter's first skiing efforts (if you care). Please excuse my super loud annoying voice in the background. 
So yeah, fun afternoon out. Here's to mommy expectations having to adjust along the way and trips out never going quite as they were idealistically planned out in my mind ahead of time.

p.s. Addison slept all night in her toddler bed last night! Thank you for all of your suggestions. We're still working on the discipline aspect of it all, but I loved the practical suggestions that you all shared with me. Thank you!

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