Thursday, January 10, 2013

My morning in Facebook Statuses

My morning in Facebook statuses:
Yay it's 7:00am and I didn't have to get up three times to feed Carter last night! #growthspurt

I'm caught in the middle of World Oatmeal Wars I. Addison feels like all of Carter's food should be her own.  #workingonnotbeingabully

Finally got a cup of coffee! Let the day begin!

Couldn't find my phone. After searching the house over I discovered that Carter put it in the toothpaste drawer in the bathroom.

Loading the dishwasher with two toddlers trying to climb onboard is like trying to thread a needle while doing the cha cha.

Aaron is transitioning Addison's crib to a big girl toddler bed. This should be fun. #Sheclimbedoutofhercribyesterday

After two hours of cleaning the mess around her bed, thirty minutes of scrubbing dried milk off the floor under her crib, a few minutes of lecturing my husband on how best to do his job (guilty)- I enjoyed watching Addison sit on her new bed (her old bed with now an open side) and smile with glee. Freedom!

Put up the baby gate and handed Addison a bottle. She walked over to her bed, climbed aboard, and snuggled down with her ba-ba. #naptime #suchabiggirl

Just checked on Addison. Still lying peacefully on her bed. Success!

I was folding laundry in the living room when I heard a big bang coming from Addison's room. I ran back to discover that she had lost her pants, exited her bed, and was rearranging her play kitchen while dancing to the music on her radio.

One hour has passed since her first nap in the big girl bed. Room has been shredded: bedding is off the bed, toys have been dumped, books have been taken off the bookcase #rookiemomleftallthosethingsinthere

Laundry is all folded. I shall now begin praying to the laundry fairies to put it all away for me. #procrastinationmakeslaundryworse

Everything is quiet in Addison's room. I'm almost afraid to go check.

Just found Aaron in Addison's room with her. He was leaning on one side of the bed (asleep) and Addison was wiggling to get out of his grasp to go inflict more damage on her room. #successHA

Looks like it will be a day with no nap. At least we have a long drive to the ski resort this afternoon. #sleepinthecar?

In All reality, my Facebook status for the mornings was: 
Today is the big day! Hello skis and mountain? Meet Carter Henry. And you remember Addison, right? #YAY

And I will most likely be back later today with some skiing pictures...but I had so too many status updates to put on Facebook today, so I decided to share them here instead. Lucky you. (-:

Big Girl Bed Transition advice needed. ASAP.
(and yes, I already moved the radio in the window)

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