Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Carter Sets The Story Straight

Hello everyone. Carter here. Remember me? Some people just know me as "Addison's brother". But today I'm a guest poster here on EANFE, so I'd prefer it if you used my whole name- Carter TROUBLE Henry Smith. 
Just so you know, I am no longer a baby. I am a big boy now.

I enjoyed being a baby so much that I didn't think that this "big boy" thing would be all that fun until I discovered all of the amazing things kept up out of my reach that I can now climb and claim as my own. Why would they keep this from me? 
It's like they don't even love me.
I'm like Columbus discovering the new world full of taboo computers and sharped-edged objects. FACEBOOK? Well hello! It even asks me how I'm doing!!!
 This morning I was doing my usual- climb all over mom, take over her computer, eat her breakfast, cry when she wouldn't give me any of that "coffee" stuff- when I heard her shriek "I forgot that a therapist is coming in FIVE minutes!"

I thought that was hysterical. Five minutes? I love a good a good frantic-mom-cleaning-dance as much as the next guy. I take that time to perfect maneuvering circles around her and clinging to her like we've been separated for weeks. It's really quite fun.

Unexpectedly, something went horribly wrong with that plan. 
The maid service must have been short-staffed this morning. What is this world coming too??? 
Mom said something about having it coming to me because of "the stunt" that I pulled in the grocery store yesterday? For the record, I have no idea what she's talking about. (pause to lick lips)
 So anyway, just after the therapists arrived, I noticed that mom took a few shortcuts in her cleaning this morning.
 For example: I'm PRETTY SURE that laundry does NOT belong in my Tonka tent. WHY would she think that this is OK?
Being the concerned citizen that I am, I took care to dismantle said tent until everyone else could see the sham that she was pulling. Man, you should have seen the look on my mom's face when her laziness was exposed to the world. Classic!

But then for some odd reason, my nap time seemed to occur earlier than usual, and I missed part of the fun therapy session! I used my brilliant "fake cry" routine to show my disbelief at being treated so unfairly. 
The need for this routine began a few weeks ago after my beautiful artwork on the Dining Room chairs was covered by some weird material that DOESN'T SHOW any of my talented work with food-covered hands. 

That was hurtful. How could you?
 Anyhoo, the routine didn't seem to work this morning as I still got hustled into my crib with little to no ceremony while Addison got to stay in the living room and play with the super fun therapists.

Life is so unfair. 
Anyway, (yawn) if you'll excuse me (yawn) I hear a bobble calling my name and I NEVER say no to a good bobble of milk (yawn).

Until later,

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