Monday, December 10, 2012

The Grinch Fever

In Decembers past, I was so busy with concerts and work stuff that I used to desperately long for a quiet evening to sit by the tree and just watch the lights twinkle in peace and quiet. This December? I've been so house-bound that the quiet is driving me crazy (seriously, it is) and the lights aren't doing any twinkling because they aren't yet hung. The grass (or Christmas tree) is always greener on the other side, eh?

And to be honest this year I've been having a very hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. Let's examine why.

1. During our big Thanksgiving trip both kids got sick
2. They stayed sick a long time
3. We thought Carter had chicken pox
4. They gradually started getting better via large quantities of antibiotics
5. Aaron got sick
6. Aaron pretended he was all better and went skiing for a day (I have no comment on this)
7. Aaron got sick again
8. Addison's fever returned
9. Mommy started feeling not so great

aaaand that brings you up to date.

We were going to go get our Christmas tree on December 1st, but then didn't because both kids were sick. And then our next date got pushed out because Aaron was sick. And then our next date got cancelled because Aaron was sick. And then- well, you get the idea.

Anyhoo, we finally went on Friday. I thought that this would help get me back in the Christmas spirit that sickness was attempting to steal away from me.

This worked fabulously because

1. All the snow that we had melted so the kids just kept falling down in the mud
2. After driving almost an hour to get there, we then had to pick out our tree in thirty seconds because Addison was extremely upset for some unknown reason

 3. This little boy kept wanting to go to the next, bigger/better tree
 4. This is our only family picture from the trip. I don't know why this person is working at a tree lot when they should obviously be in professional photography.
5. Once we got home the tree stayed outside on the deck for a couple of days since Aaron didn't have the proper tools at home to set it up in the stand and he was too sick to go fetch his pruners from his shop.

 We did enjoy some fabulous apple cider donuts on the way home, AND we now have a Christmas tree which slowly has progressed its way into our house. It doesn't have any lights or decor, but one step at a time.(-:

Around our house these days you see a lot of this sort of disaster (even down to the oatmeal on the wall and breakfast remnants under the picnic table):
 and this:
I've been alternating between working diligently on writing projects and watching Christmas movies in an attempt to make it feel like Christmas even though it feels like our house has morphed into an infirmary.

That leads me to say

1. What are your must-watch Christmas movies?

2. Thank you for all your comments and advice on the dog situation. We are planning to get Addison her puppy soonish (aka, saving up for it!) but meanwhile we are working on undoing the damage that I (a complete fool) did with perhaps a stuffed animal substitute for now.

3. I hope you are all staying healthy

4. I hope I can see the outside world again sometime soon (and that I have some friends left when I do). 

5. I hope this post doesn't spread the Grinch-like fever that is blazing in our house

6. I take back every bad thing that I said about online shopping since we are now besties once again.

7.  If I had to choose who I would be housebound with for so long, I would totally pick my kids. They are sweet and amazing and they play awesomely together. (NOT that this is an ad for them...but give me another month and I might start entertaining some offers...)

8. Totally kidding. No offers will be entertained. 
9. Why would I sell them when I can give them as CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!!! (-;

10. I promise to jump on the Christmasy-posting wagon soon...I'm thankful for so many things in this season. I just hope to be able to compose words in a slightly more warm, fuzzy way before I attempt a post like that. 


  1. Love you blog! You are super witty, funny and honest. My little guy has designer genes (2.5 yo) and your
    blog makes me smile and love that Addison!

    1. And my most watched movie is The Santa Clause:)


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