Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Travel

With travel plans in our near future, we've been making lists and checking them thrice.
While I have had my share of travel adventures pre-kids, I have been very content to stay mostly in my corner of the world since becoming a mother. When I was pregnant with Addison I couldn't travel because I was such a high risk pregnancy. After Addison was born she was attached to oxygen and had such severe health problems we couldn't travel away from her doctor's (other than Boston for her surgeries). And then by the time she was OK to really take a long trip HELLO I was pregnant again.

Becoming a mother has turned me into a (boring) home-body, and I'm OK with that. It's just easier to do my job on my own turf.

If anyone remembers, the last trip we dared to take with our two (this is embarrassing) was last December to Michigan for my grandfather's funeral. And while we were driving in the middle of nowhere Addison got severe croup and couldn't breathe. And every time the car stopped moving Carter screamed bloody murder and made Addison even more agitated (he also did this the entire night in the hotel room). And then we accidentally burned Addison with the breathing treatment device? Worst. Trip. Ever. 

So I'm sure it comes as no surprise that for our eighteen bazillion hour drive to North Carolina next week I'm not jumping up and down in excitement (I'm excited to actually BE there, just not the driving part).

I can't speak for everyone else.
We've decided to hit twelvish hours of the trip overnight (SLEEP CHILDREN SLEEP!) and then do the last six with Signing Time, frequent stops, and iPad time.

And another worry? Carter is a runner. You put him down and he takes off so fast you see a blur and hear tears in 3-2-1 when his uncoordinatedness wins over his need for speed (this week he jumped OFF our deck without stairs...what did he do when he reached the bottom? run away from me of course.)

1. He's going to scream and kick to be kept from his running activities for so many hours at a time 2. When we DO stop I'm afraid he's going to seriously run off into traffic or something.

But at least he's not a three month old who likes to vomit and scream just for screamings sake. It HAS to be better than last time, right? right??

Are you traveling for Thanksgiving? I realize all of you are no doubt traveling experts. So after you're done laughing at me for my greenness in this area- What are some of your kid travel secrets? (Especially those of you with twins. How do you coordinate them both at once in an unfamiliar place?)

I have friends who pack their kids in their mini van without a thought and bebop it off to vacations thousands of miles every other week. I have a feeling this is the sort of thing that the more you do it the better you get at it?

Hopefully I won't have a big dramatic story to report back. Hopefully such a boring yawn fest that I won't even need to mention it ever again. (fingers crossed)

We welcome peaceful vibes, prayers for safety, and kid-trading for those ones that are already used to traveling...

If you don't already follow me on Instagram, I'm eanfe. We'll be posting there more frequently than here while on the road.

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