Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Family Reunion

All week we've been blessed with this view:
  in much-warmer-than-Vermont North Carolina (pictures courtesy of my sister Andrea)
We got to hang out with this motley handsome crew (this is all the aunts, uncles, and cousins on Aaron's mom's side. This reunion has been planned now for a couple of years):
 with the added bonus of two of my siblings coming up from school:
My responsibility for this week of fun and eating? (Oh wait, I mean thanksgiving...)

These two troublemakers:
 and making many, many pie crusts (for the record, I LOVE making pie crusts, but Aaron's not a huge pie fan. I loved having the excuse to exercise my "pie crust" itch):
 On his first day of "exploring", this little boy found himself a "pet" snake hidden in some leaves (there are no pictures of the snake because I was too busy rescuing him from danger screaming like a crazy woman):
This little girl got waaay off her schedule which meant that her body shut down into some sort of forced "sickness" (this is becoming a pattern). She ended up sleeping most of the day of Thanksgiving until she was offered some chocolate cookies (chocolate trumps everything...she even gave me a "Thank-you-for-the-chocolate smile):
This group of cousins played beautifully together (even "cranky" is cute when you add a loud enough hair bow):

And the pie crusts were all finished in time:
I even caught this handsome man helping out in the kitchen now and then (charity begins at home, mister!!!!)
Because it was such a long drive (sixteen hours turned twenty on the way home) and because we did it overnight, I feel like I dreamed the whole trip. I feel like I dreamed the fabulous roasted pig, fried turkey (oh my so good), the countless sides, the endless sweet tea, the apple cake that I'm still drooling over, all the delicious non-Thanksgiving meals, the late night volleyball game, the conversations that included laughter (with a touch of snark), the inspiration from Aaron's cousins who are also mothers of young children (but who complain a lot less than I do), the remembrance of Aaron's recently deceased grandmother, the competitive card games, and the massive piles of dishes that I didn't have to do (alone, anyway) (-:
I've never had the privilege of being close to my extended family like Aaron has been with his. It was amazing to slide into the already-created family dynamic and find my quirky-weird self accepted for exactly who I am. They are all completely awesome. And oh yes, as Addison's off-schedule sickness turned into some sort of plague, I give them all props for not kicking us and our germs out to the curb. (WHY DOES ADDISON GET SICK EVERY TIME WE TRAVEL??????)
While I type this, snow is gently falling outside, covering the road that we just traveled, and completely erasing our tracks- making it seem as though it never happened. I sip my coffee (there is simply not enough coffee to follow an overnight road trip in which you can't stop for a minute because children wake up and start coughing up a lung), watch the children observe Daddy clean the snow off the front deck, and wonder if maybe it didn't happen. (If that's the case, I would like to know who's responsible for the suitcases vomiting clothes piled up by the front door????)
For those of you who were there, thank you for a spectacular Thanksgiving.  To those of you who weren't there, I hope your Thanksgiving was just as memorable (in a good way).
This girl? Is going to take her Thanksgiving 5 (yes, that's a thing), cup pot of coffee, and go enjoy the beautiful snowfall for just a minute before "put away" duty begins. It won't be pretty. But in spite of the long travel, the cranky kids, the Pediatrician appointment later today, the wacky schedule changes, the messy car, and the struggle to mother away from my nest (read: comfort zone), I would say- worth it.


  1. It was great seeing you all and meeting your little man. Glad you made it home. Karayna ask about her friends Carter and Addison.

  2. thankful you had a safe trip and a wonderful time with your family.


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