Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stick a Fork In It

Lately my children have become extremely independent when it comes to eating. Not that they can successfully feed themselves (Addison is getting better). Oh no, it's just that they don't want ME to feed them. Apparently they have their reasons for becoming suspicious of whatever poison of the day that I might be trying to pass off as "food".

This has been going on for a while now, increased by that "horrible pink stuff that is forced down our throats to help us feel better". Bubblegum flavor notwithstanding, how DARE I subject them to such a torture as children's tylenol. 

I put away their picnic table a little while after the infamous spaghetti post because Carter started standing on top of the table (and diving off), and Addison started wandering away from the table whenever she got bored with this tiresome duty of eating something that wasn't chocolate.

But yesterday we pulled it back out because I think they might (fingers crossed) be ready for it again (plus they are a little antsy/bored because of their sick-houseboundness)

We've been working on self-feeding, and I found that if I spear their bite and then set the fork down next to them, they will pick up the fork put the food in their mouths, and chow down appreciably. But if I were to try to put the forkful IN their mouths? We would have a full out wrestling match ahead of us complete with "SHE'S TRYING TO KILL ME!" screams. Why??? (other than my obviously suspicious nature) No idea.

But last night I had to laugh at them as we started out with such a nice bowl of potato soup: (I held a fork for each of them to feed them the chunks while they messed around with the soup part. Foul proof plan, right?)
Addison ate (and danced) with a flourish(she was hungry from their before-dinner-living-room destruction)...Carter....well, Carter...
 He's all boy. Messy boy. Disruptive boy. Spill-the-soup-on-the-table-and-then-maul-it-with-forks kind of boy. (Addison is doing so much better with her utensil to mouth coordination, but she doesn't always take a lot of food with it)
 Let's examine this more closely:
 And then when sister got extricated for bath time first, what did he do?
 Oh Carter, Carter, Carter. Was it really SO BAD when all you had to do was pop your little jaw open and wait for me to spoon it in for you?
My two babies toddlers are independent little souls. They are totally different and yet completely alike. Good thing their extreme cuteness is helping me get through the extra cleanup duty. (-:

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