Wednesday, November 7, 2012

sick Addison

I am feeling quite uninspired and uncreative this week. Perhaps it's because I used up my year's allotment of creativity with my weekend dresser project, perhaps it's because I'm so tired of seeing election drama online that I just really have no words, perhaps it's because Miss Addison is very sick and not only did we have to skip gymnastics class this week, but we had to miss music class too.
 (chocolate- the cure for most ills)

Housebound with these two little troublemakers can suck the will to pick up the house write creatively right out of you. (but rest assured, I did get out long enough to vote.)
We're in survival mode this week. 

Anyone else ever have weeks like this? 

Here's to long naps, extra cuddles, antibiotics, a warm house, baking dessert goodness, and just relishing the silence from being unplugged for a bit. We'll be back with regularly scheduled programing soon.

p.s. I'm still waiting to hear back from our winners:

The winner of the T21 necklace is Kristine Winkel-Leddige

and the winner of the book Gifts is Deena Stuart.  Email me! (

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