Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In Real Life

When I began blogging almost three years ago, it was for entirely selfish reasons- a therapeutic outlet, a chance to share news about Addison's health in just one spot instead of having to update twenty people a day, a place where I could view my life with Down syndrome more objectively.

I don't even know what clued me in that as a blogger who wants to be read, I have to start reading other blogs. One of the first blogs I found (I don't even remember when or how) was The Bates Motel written by Becca. And ever since I have followed the adventures of Sammi who also has Down syndrome, but who is several years ahead of Addison.

And somewhere along the line, Becca started following my blog back and leaving fantastic and sweet comments (comment leavers are always my favorite.) (-:

I always get self conscious with posting some of my thoughts and soap box moments about Down syndrome because I KNOW that I am still young in this process. I KNOW that there are those out there that are more knowledgeable than I am. I KNOW that in a few years I might have a totally different opinion towards an issue and an entirely different soap box of choice. Sometimes I look back on posts that I wrote even a few months ago and cringe at how I have grown even since then. 

Becca is one of those who is much more knowledgable and experienced in the field of Down syndrome, IEPs, behavioral management, and just really so many things. But she has never once made me feel irrelevant or silly for sharing my opinions and such. She has always encouraged, laughed when appropriate (yes, my attempts at humor always appreciate a laugh...even a courtesy laugh), written suggestions, helped gain perspective- you name it and Becca is there.

Truly, she is one of my blog heroes.

And on our drive back from North Carolina, things magically lined up for us to do our dinner stop in her neck of the woods.

and....wait for it.....

Guess who got to meet???
(you can tell that Addison was thrilled-lol)
 I told Becca ahead of time that Addison was sick (lest you think I am a total germ monster) and she bravely kept our meet-up (seriously, dragon fighters have nothing on a mother who willingly goes to meet a friend with a sick child)
 I was only able to snap a few picture on my phone because my children were not being horribly cooperative. (They had been in their car seats all day and had a long night ahead of them. I'm not holding their crankiness against them) (-:
 Samantha was a complete doll. She was very loving towards Addison
 and of course, Carter- who she started calling CH after she heard Aaron call him that (smart, smart girl!)
Becca is the very first blogging friend that I have met in real life, and admittedly I was very nervous and wished for my DELETE key more than once for the dribble that was pouring out of my mouth (seriously, why CAN'T there be a real life delete key to avoid foot/mouth situations?) I excel in hiding behind my blog. (-:

But just as she is in print, Becca in real life is a sweetheart and sets such an amazing example with how she parents Samantha.

So yeah, if you read The Bates Motel....there is a REAL PERSON writing it...I have proof! (and if you don't read it..you totally should). I walked away from our meet-up with a fresh dose of inspiration and confidence of the potential that is hidden under the label Down syndrome.

Thank you, Becca and Sammi for making time to meet with us and putting up with our travel weary selves. Can't wait until you take that ski vacation. (-:


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