Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wearing food: the newest mommy trend

I planned to start a new giveaway today, but today I just don't have the words that this giveaway deserves.

Because of my tongue-tied-ness (is that a word?) I am going to announce last week's winner and then start the new giveaway tomorrow.

This morning after we struggled through yet another gymnastics class (more on this later), I dropped Addison off with her brother to play with their friend Carson (yes, I do have wonderful people in my life helping me with my kids...and yet I still complain).

 I then headed off to a long over-due eye appointment. As I waited for my name to be called (trying on various glasses options and staring at myself in the mirror) I made a horrific discovery. 

Smeared all over my neck was an (almost complete) strawberry cereal bar. It looked like blood crusted all over my obnoxiously long neck. Note: I fed the kids strawberry cereal bars BEFORE leaving for gymnastics class HOURS before I noticed my neck "makeup". No idea when they transferred it to my neck, but every single possibility leaves me blushing.


Also, I have now sold my soul to the eye doctor since I had to not only get 1. new glasses 2. new contacts- I also have to get 3. READING GLASSES because I'm old (28 going on 60) with horrible eyes, and I spend too much time writing in front of the computer. (I have been getting these really bad headaches)

Oh yes, and the icing on the cake of awesomeness that was my morning was that I cried in front of my eye doctor. CRIED. What set this off- you might wonder? (that is a VERY good question)

The doctor walked into the room and briskly asked "Why has it been TWO YEARS since you last came to an appointment?"

"um, well, has it really been two years?" I mumbled

She didn't even answer, just moved  on to the next question. 

"How often do you change your contacts?"

"um, every 4-6 weeks I guess."

"YOU DO REALIZE THAT YOU HAVE TWO-WEEK LENSES." She scolded me with the harshness of a principle notifying a high school student that her drug habit has been discovered on top of failing all of that semester's classes.

While looking down in shame, rubbing my neck where the cereal bar resided most of the morning, and thinking how I obviously failed at yet one more thing- I started to cry.

And you know where it's hard to hide tears? At the eye doctor. Because of course she chose that exact moment to start examining my eyes.

She didn't say anything about the tears. But she became noticeably nicer. No idea why.

So yeah, that's why I'm not going to write up a beautiful giveaway post today. Because I'm pretty sure that if I did, I would wake up tomorrow to discover that I left a strawberry cereal bar smeared all over it.


I congratulation Leigh Ann D. on winning her very own frozen moment (Leigh- EMAIL ME! dsmith0806@gmail.com)

and I look VERY MUCH forward to the sitter coming in a few hours so that I can 1. Go to my first Zumba class in way too long and then 2. Go out on a date with my husband to Olive Garden tonight (Thank you M&D for the gift card!). I'm pulling out the big gun "happy pills" today. N.e.c.e.s.s.a.r.y.

oh yes, and here are some pictures. Because pictures are happy pills too.
Deck progress with helpers (-:
What does it look like when Addison responsibly finds her own snacks and then Carter "takes over"?
I know 90% of the pictures I take of them are in a grocery cart, but the truth is that's the only time I can really get them to sit still next to each other. I am amazed how much they look alike!
(haha...anyone notice what is in the back of the cart that I am now REGRETTING?)
 What does it look like when an almost-three-year-old goes limp on the balance beam during gymnastics class?
 And what does it look like when Mommy and said little gymnast have to take a small "time out" in the bathroom to discuss bad behavior? (oh why oh why didn't I stop taking pictures for once and look at my neck?)
 And what did the little gymnast think of the "time out"?
 Anyone want to come have coffee on my almost-finished deck? If you really want to feel at home you should arrive with a half smushed cereal bar on your neck...
Stay tuned for an awesome giveaway tomorrow!

oh wait...gotta go...a therapist just showed up for an appointment I didn't know we had...

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