Friday, October 5, 2012

Update on Addison's Reading

Myth: Individuals with Down syndrome can't read.

This is, in fact, not true. Obviously I can't prove this to you with my own child since she is NOT reading yet, but Addison has many friends with an extra chromosome that are reading right alongside their peers. I fully expect Addison to be reading in the next few years.

As far as Addison's reading progress right now...many of you remember when I posted this video a few months ago:
Well, she still "reads" to her brother. A lot. Addison has a serious love affair with books. 

Yesterday morning I videoed a short snippet of her mad reading skills at work.

A few notes about the newest video:

-my house is still "toddler designed" 

-Carter no longer sits still for the reading time

-Addison now recognizes a few objects and substitutes real words for the babbling every now and then- progress! (Anyone catch what she says AND signs at the end of the video?)

-Carter was not harmed in the making of this video. He kept grabbing the phone away, so I had to move his hands away. I don't know why it looks like he is pushed out of the way...I promise he wasn't. (-: He's a grabby little boy. lol.
Happy Friday!

Those of you who aren't weekend blog readers, I invite you to please come check out tomorrow's post (and leave a comment if you are so inclined). As part of the 31 for 21 challenge, I will be posting an excerpt from my book No Guarantees every Saturday. I truly hope that you enjoy them. (-:

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