Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Alike Than Different

I saw this video this morning:
(watch it! It's only a few minutes long)

In one word: LOVE

Addison doesn't yet have the speech skills to express herself this same way (she will someday!). But I think if she could, she would want you to know that she's more alike other little girls than different.....because...

She collaborates with her brother to find hidden chocolates and then pretends that she didn't:
She loves dressing up in "pretties" and enjoys a new pair of shoes as much as the next girl:
She spends a lot of time chasing her brother:
She wants to DO IT HERSELF (especially if it involves chocolate)
 Sharing cookies and milk with Daddy is the highlight of her day:
 She hates getting her blood drawn:
She loves to be silly:
 She wants to play along in music class:
She spends most of her "free time" mothering her dolls:
She hates to share her toys:
and for a million other reasons- little reasons- big reasons,
this little girl is more alike than different.

I look forward to the day that she can tell you that herself.

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