Friday, October 26, 2012


I know I often paint my life as one diaper change to the next while buried under mismatched toys and therapy appointments. There is truth to that, yes. But every once in a while, I like to put on something that is NOT pajamas, wear jewelry that ISN'T broken, bake something that is fabulous, or do a small project around my house to make it more homey.

Because it makes me happy. And as a mom with two toddlers, deliberately taking time for happiness is a good thing.

Last week's project?
Filling up the space on my Dining Room wall (yes, that is a purple wall on the far end. I like to live on the wild side):
 I wanted to line it with canvas prints of the kids, but it was too expensive to buy that many prints. Any sort of artwork I could find that I liked was way out of the budget as well. 

So I went to Goodwill and picked up the oldest, most tacky frames I could find ($1.99 each except for the big one was $2.99. If you had time to shop around or go to garage sales, I'm sure that price could easily be beat)
 I raided my "households" closet and found these wreaths that I purchased on Target's clearance years ago but never quite found a spot for them:
And I bought a can of spray paint for $3.97.

I threw away the glass part of the frames, washed down each frame once, and set everything up on a cardboard box in the garage.

For the next week, every time I felt like it (had five minutes to spare), I went out to the garage and sprayed another coat of spray paint. (I may or may not have accidentally highlighted my hair off-white during one of these outings)

After they dried for a few days (ok fine, I forgot about them for a while), I then hung them on the empty wall in a artsy-crooked way so that I could get away with being a terrible picture-hanger.
 They looked a little empty, so I went back to my "households" closet and found little glass plates each connected to a ribbon that never looked right anywhere else (but once again- purchased on clearance for pennies years ago) Yes, I know I didn't hang all of them equally. Didn't you hear me just say that I'm a terrible picture-framer?
 The off-white doesn't line up perfectly with the off-white of the crown molding, but I honestly just don't care. My wall was decorated for $16.91, and it took very little of my time. Win/win. 

I think this same look could be achieved hundreds of different ways. Moral of the story? Take everything out to the garage, spray paint it your favorite color, and hang it on the wall. Oh wait...

Every time I look at that wall now I feel happy. 

Because it looks pretty.

And because the kids can't get to it.

In my line of work- that's what we call a successful project.

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  1. That looks great! Something that even I could do!


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