Wednesday, October 24, 2012

an awesome day and a guest post

Yesterday came to a close right on schedule. The kids were fed, bathed, dressed in their cozy winter sleepers, and placed in their respective cribs.

I picked up their toys and the bath time laundry, started dinner, and then collapsed on the couch.

I thought about how Addison rocked gymnastics class that morning. I thought about taking Addison to get her labwork done and how brave she was. I remembered the look on her face and the "mmmmm" that she did with every bite of the hot fudge sundae that I took her to get for being such a brave girl facing that big needle. I replayed our conversation about everything and nothing over that hot fudge sundae and smiled at her understanding and the joy in her eyes.

And not to be forgotten I thought about how I was told when picking up Carter from the sitter after the lab appointment that he obeyed "NO" in regards to the stairs that he previously thought were his destiny to climb (PROGRESS!). I thought about his shy smile and how he earnestly said my name. I remembered how he clung to me the rest of the day because he didn't get as much time with me as he usually does.

I was overcome by the fuzzy, feel-good, motherhood-rocks emotion. Happily, I sank into that for just a minute, wondering what I had been complaining about. This was such an awesome day.

In that exact moment (I  kid you not), I heard Carter turn into a volcano of vomit in his crib.

One step forward....ten steps back I guess. But that's okay because motherhood is hard AND amazing. For Down syndrome awareness month, I'm writing all about it today over at Life as Mom.

And if this is your first time visiting EANFE, I've been posting every day this month in honor of Down syndrome. I would absolutely love it if you would check out some of those posts.

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Happy Wednesday, everyone! Wednesday mornings are a favorite around here because we get to go to MUSIC CLASS!!!! (-:

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