Monday, October 29, 2012

A necklace and a book

Our last giveaway honoring Down syndrome awareness month includes two items that are very closely related to Down syndrome. And we have two sponsors, and therefore- two giveaway items! (Read, I was supposed to do one last week and one this week but I got a bit off of schedule)

Without further ado, the giveaway items...
The first one is this beautiful necklace from Ollie Faith designs. This is the official necklace of IDSC for life that I have been secretly (or not so secretly) coveting ever since I first saw it. t21 stands for Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), the yellow and blue beads are the "official" colors of Down syndrome, and of course the life stands for LIFE. You can also get another square added with a child's name on it (like ADDISON) personalizing it a little bit more. 
Note: the added square with the child's name on it is not part of the giveaway, but you're welcome to purchase that yourself.

Even if you don't have a loved one with Down syndrome, I think this would still make an awesome piece of jewelry. When anyone asks you what it stands for, you can start with "Well, this necklace is an artsy way to say that children with Down syndrome deserve LIFE"....and if you end up talking about a little girl named Addison from a certain blog...well then my work here is complete.
The second giveaway item (sponsored by S&D Landscapes) is a book that someone sent to me right after I received Addison's prenatal diagnosis. I'll admit it sat unread most of my pregnancy because I was too busy crying and feeling sorry for myself to do any reading. But in that last month of pregnancy, I finally cracked it open and found great comfort in the stories shared here. 

Gifts is truly an incredible book- sharing a variety of stories from families handling the same news very different ways.
And the third item isn't a giveaway item, but I just wanted to announce that my ebook Dreams Change will be free Tuesday and Wednesday, the last two days of Down syndrome awareness month. This ebook was my way of summarizing my journey from those days in pregnancy when I felt so sorry for the "burden" I had been stuck with to the joyful life that I have now with my beautiful little girl. This ebook is a very personal one- full of pain and very honest emotions, and it is not a memoir...just a record from a very difficult time. When I read it now, I can barely believe the things that I thought and said. But I'm glad that I recorded it all because maybe someone is looking at how happy I am with Addison now thinking that I couldn't possibly understand what she's going through with a new diagnosis. Believe me. I was there once too. 

So there you have it. There will be TWO winners to this giveaway. The first randomly drawn winner will win the necklace. The second randomly drawn winner will win the book. And anyone can download a free copy of my ebook Dreams Change in the next two days.

Thank you for celebrating Down syndrome awareness month with me! Two more days left and this blog challenge is complete!

Now...ENTER the giveaway. (-:
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