Friday, October 12, 2012

A Life of Suffering


To have Down syndrome is to be forced to live a life of suffering.
Clearly, it's not fair to put anyone through that.
Nothing to enjoy. Nothing to be happy about.
Life is one humdrum day after another without the comprehension to realize how awful it is.
No. No one should have to suffer through heart surgeries and oxygen and therapies JUST to only exist:
Ugly, ugly life
 full of suffering.
It's just so sad.......
......if you actually believe that myth.
Because an individual with Down syndrome can have a life full of happiness OR sadness....just like any other life. 

It's up to the holder of the life to choose which direction they want to take it....just like any other life.

Down syndrome doesn't take the person away. It just adds in an extra dose of uniqueness to a perfectly created PERSON who is capable of being as much of a blessing to this world as any other person- in his/her own unique way.

So if you hear someone say that it is selfish to bring a life "cursed" with Down syndrome into the world....DON'T BELIEVE IT.

Because it just simply isn't true.

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  1. It really couldn't be said any better! I wish every pregnant woman with the possibility of having a baby with Down syndrome could see this! I just love you! Okay probably a little wierd to hear from a stranger but I just love having you in my life!


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