Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A doll and a skunk

I'm not a big fan of holidays now that I have little kids. Because whatever big effort I put in is appreciated only by me. They're all like "oh hey, another day!" and then they destroy the house behind my back while I spend hours on a detailed craft the size of my hand that will later get chewed on and then thrown into the bathtub.

And despite my best efforts, I couldn't manage to pull together matching outfits for the kiddos. Nope. 

I did manage to dress them up in their VERY non-coordinating for music class this morning (we might have had a bit of fun with Addison's costume before leaving)
little Miss Addison HATED her hat and's her pose saying "YUP, just another day to rock out at music class"
 Raggedy Ann knows how to SHAKE it.
 And oh boy this looks like trouble:
 Carter had the cutest costume in the world (from Grandma) that turned out to be nearly impossible to capture the cuteness in a photo.
 I tried.
When it comes to holidays, I like to dress the kids in seasonal wear;
eat extra sweets;
 and have extra moments of silliness;
but I am not super-mom-exploding-each-holiday-into-a-huge-ordeal. I am just a stay at home mom making it through another day. No, we're not going trick or treating (it's TOO COLD for Addison who has a slight cough), no I didn't throw a costume party (my house is TOO MESSY), and no I'm not handing out candy tonight (no one EVER comes to my house because it's too far off the road). 

Just a normal day around here. (It's a possibility that I might be related somehow to the Grinch)

(Oh what? The story? I would apologize, but telling stories is one of my FAVORITE things to do...did we not cover that already?) (-:

This is the last day of Down syndrome awareness month. I have blogged every single day of this month- sometimes about Down syndrome; sometimes about just life in general. If you missed any of the posts, check out the right hand sidebar and feel free to do some reading. (-:

Meanwhile? I might take a few days off to let my word supply replenish. NOT to lie to you again like yesterday's post. I promise. I only lie once a year (does no one remember last year's post?)

I want to thank you for being so awesome. For reading, commenting, sharing, and just generally being spectacular. This has been a good month- because of you. So thank you. I'll be back soon...just not tomorrow! (-:


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