Monday, September 17, 2012

what's in a name?

I think one of the trickiest things to do is naming a child. Think about it- you have to capture the essence of that person all in one short word before you have even met the person (or right after you meet them for the first time).

Coming up with a name that works for an infant, small child, teenager, AND adult is like playing with magic with no training whatsoever. Because seriously? How are we supposed to look into the future and see if they “look” like the name we’re choosing? 

It’s a scary thing- naming a person. And then of course there’s the delicate issue of actually agreeing with the other half of your parenting team. Aaron and I struggled with that nasty “agreeing” thing and I joked that it was a simple matter of who got to the birth certificate first. He never laughed. I have no idea why.

With Addison, when we went in for the halfway ultrasound, we had two names picked out- Addison for a girl and Bode (after Bode Miller the skier) for a boy. Of course, our world was completely rocked when we walked away from that appointment with waaaay more information than we had bargained for. All of a sudden the problem of names seemed like the silliest thing to be arguing about- ever.

With Carter, we waited until we went in for the halfway ultrasound. Once we knew we were having a boy we then narrowed it down. We decided we wanted to go with Henry for a middle name and C for the first name after Aaron’s grandfather- Charles Henry. I remember driving to Maine for a long weekend and discussing for most of the trip what the C name should be (5 hours). I pulled out my phone and read through list after list of C names that I found online and we miraculously BOTH liked the same name- Carter. (We call him CH)

Addison was still named Addison even though for a while I thought that maybe Addison wasn’t the right fit for a baby with Down syndrome- it sounded like a tall, pretty girl’s name to me. (cringe all you want, I seriously struggled with this). We did decide to stick with Addison (and I’m so glad that we did, because I’ve never met a prettier little girl!) and for her middle name we chose Lynnette after Aaron’s mom- Lynn and gave her the same initials as Aaron- AL.

Sadly, if we ever have a third (and this is NOT an announcement), I have a feeling that we have used up all of our “agreeing” power. I really like the names Autumn and Jackson, but those have already been firmly VETOED during past pregnancies. Maybe he’ll just forget???  (or maybe we should go for a B name to fill out our ABCs?)

And don't even get me started on people hearing the name you have chosen and LOVE and then telling you just how horrible a name they think it is (of course, nice comments are always welcome...and asking people to vote over your favorites is of course fun.). For both of ours, I've posted pictures of their names on the walls of their nurseries about a week before they were born. That way I was so huge, puffy, and cranky, no one had the nerve to tell me what a horrible name they thought it was. I call that a win.

 I have one BILLION friends who have had babies this summer (that is only a slight exaggeration), and I have loved hearing the names that they have chosen. The science of baby naming can be fun (even when you're not pregnant).

Looks like an Addison to me!
(this is the sign she made up for "iPad")
(and this is her sign for "hot dog"
p.s. I can't thank you enough for all of your recipe ideas! I have a week's menu chocked full of new meals! THANK YOU thank you thank you.

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